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• TCO A o Discuss all stages in the new venture life cycle o Explain the VOS Indicator, its metrics, and to use VOS to screen a business opportunity o Discuss any aspect of business plans (their structure, development, target audiences, and tensions among the preparers and users) o Articulate the various forms of financing used at the various stages of the new venture life cycle. o Analyze market opportunities and identify the fit between business, market, and opportunity.

• TCO B o Differentiate among the various legal forms of organization o Apply tax, liability, and other characteristics of legal form to analyzing business decisions o Discuss GAAP principles such as accrual accounting and its implications on the financials and for entrepreneurial decisions. o The differences between profits, cash, and cash flow o Discuss the specific links among the financial statements – how accounts on one statement influence what happens on the other financials

• TCO C o Use the financial statements to perform ratio analysis o Utilize the Balance Sheet Equation to solve for variables o Build financial statements (such as a Balance Sheet and Income Statement) o Perform EBDAT Breakeven/Survival Revenue calculations and discuss the results o Calculate cash burn, cash conversion, and its components o Perform margin analysis o Explain and calculate contribution margin o Analyze financial statements and explain performance

• TCO D o Building multi-year revenue projections o Build complete cash projections o Calculate sustainable growth rate, maximum sustainable growth rate, and use these to differentiate among alternatives and make recommendations o Discuss external capital raising/additional funds needed o Explain and apply such key concepts as internally generated funds, retention rates, and dividend payout…...

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