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As a consultant, I was asked to provide a fast growing organization the definition of control and its benefits. Also I am required to provide upper management the recommendations for control actions to be taken immediately. With this, the organization will no longer have concerns of pilferage, longer breaks, and a sloppy accounting.

As mentioned, control helps the organization monitor its activities and ensure goals are being met. Within the control process managers must have standard operation procedures and measure its performance. If any variances exist between managers must react accordingly and ensure the process is back in control. An effective control will be accurate, timely, economical, flexible, and understandable. With these controls, many benefits will be provided to the organization, such as improved customer service, cost savings, accelerated delivery times, improved quality, inventory reductions, improved logistics management, increased sales, and increased market share.

As a consultant, I will recommend three approaches to ensure the organization has full control of its employees and process. The recommendations mentioned above, market control emphasizes in external market mechanisms to help establish standards within the organization. The second approach is bureaucratic control which emphasizes in organizational authority and relies on administrative rules, regulations, procedures, and policies. Finally, the third approach is clan control, here an employee behavior can be regulated based on shared values, norms, traditions, rituals, beliefs, and other organizational culture, you may have to offer. With these recommendations implemented, the operations management, such as people, materials, are brought together and will meet the organization’s goals.
Control and efficiency are key to an organization’s success. With a…...

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