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Calculus and Vectors – How to get an A+

7.4 Dot Product of Algebraic Vectors A Dot Product for Standard Unit Vectors The dot product of the standard unit vectors is given by: r r r r r r i ⋅ i =1 j ⋅ j =1 k ⋅ k =1 r r r r r r i ⋅ j =0 j ⋅k =0 k ⋅i = 0 B Dot Product for two Algebraic Vectors The dot product of two algebraic vectors r r r r a = (a x , a y , a z ) = a x i + a y j + a z k and r r r r b = (b x , b y , b z ) = b x i + b y j + b z k is given by: r r a ⋅ b = a x bx + a y b y + a z bz Proof: r r r r r r r r a ⋅ b = (a x i + a y j + a z k ) ⋅ (bx i + b y j + bz k ) r r r r r r = (a x bx )(i ⋅ i ) + (a x b y (i ⋅ j ) + (a x bz )(i ⋅ k ) + r r r r r r + (a y bx )( j ⋅ i ) + (a y b y ( j ⋅ j ) + (a y bz )( j ⋅ k ) + r r r r r r + (a z bx )(k ⋅ i ) + (a z b y (k ⋅ j ) + (a z bz )(k ⋅ k )
= a x bx + a y b y + a z bz

Proof: r r r r i ⋅ i =|| i || || i || cos 0° = (1)(1)(1) = 1 r r r r i ⋅ j =|| i || || j || cos 90° = (1)(1)(0) = 0

r Ex 1. For each case, find the dot product of the vectors a r and b . r r a) a = (1,−2,0) , b = (0,−1,2) r r a ⋅ b = (1)(0) + (−2)(−1) + (0)(2) = 2 r r r r r r r b) a = −i + 2 j , b = i − 2 j − k r r a ⋅ b = (−1)(1) + (2)(−2) + (0)(−1) = −1 − 4 = −5 r r r r r c) a = (−1,1,−1) , b = −i + 2 j − 2k r r a ⋅ b = (−1)(−1) + (1)(2) + (−1)(−2) = 1 + 2 + 2 = 5

C Angle between two Vectors r r r The angle θ = ∠(a , b ) between two vectors a and r b (when positioned tail to tail) is given by: r r a x bx + a y b y + a z bz a ⋅b cosθ = r r = | a || b | a x 2 + a y 2 + a z 2 bx 2 + b y 2 + bz 2 Notes: r r 1. If cosθ = 1 then a ↑↑ b (vectors are parallel and have same direction). r r 2. If cosθ = −1 then a ↑↓ b (vectors are parallel but have opposite direction). r r 3. If cosθ = 0 then a ⊥ b (vectors are perpendicular to each other or orthogonal).

r Ex 2. For each case, find the angle between the vectors a r and b . r r a) a = (1,−2,−1)…...

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