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United Soldiers of America’s Vision Statement
The purpose of the United Soldiers of America (USA) is to provide outstanding assistance to military veterans and their families regardless of race, religion, gender, or ethnicity. Aid is provided to all veterans regardless of when they were in the military. We are committed to providing service with the dignity and respect deserved by all mankind.
After the Vietnam War many veterans were forgotten about and had a hard time readjusting to civilian life. They also had a great many mental issues along with drug addiction. The hope of the United Soldiers of America is that we can provide better care for the Soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Five years from now, United Soldiers of America will be one of the largest Non-Profit Organizations dedicated to providing outstanding assistance to Veterans. We will accomplish this vision by expanding our services and focusing on not only the physical needs of veterans and their families, but on the mental needs. Sometimes the emotional damage from being in combat is more harmful than the visible wounds.
USA currently provides assistance to veterans and their families in Texas, Washington, and New York. Within the next five years we will focus on opening and another four service centers. The locations currently being considered are California, Georgia, Washington State, and Virginia. In order to accomplish this we will need to focus on advertising, recruitment for more volunteers, and additional funding. This will allow us to reach even more veterans.
The VA has offered to act as a Fiscal Sponsor to supplement resources that we have been unable to offer. This will help with the financial support for USA and easy access to medical assistance for veterans. I am confident that this is a partnership that will greatly enhance our ability to provide the…...

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