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Mobile Application – 26.09.2013 1. Launch. 2. Click as follows: File > Android Application Project.

3. The following will appear:

4. Near the application Name, type – UDM

5. Click on Next. The following will appear:

5. Click on Next. The following will appear:

6. Click on Next. The following will appear:

7. Click on Next. The following will appear:

8. Click on Finish. 9. The following Screen will appear :

10. By default, your application will add Hello World. Don’t remove it. We will use it later. 11. Now we will add a button where we are going to change its label to Hi, using strings.xml.

How to do this??? 12.

13. As soon as you click on the folder res, the following will appear:

14. After clicking on Values, the following will appear – dimens.xml, strings.xml and styles.xml.

15. Double click on strings.xml. 16. The following screen will appear : 17. Click on button Add. The following will appear :

18. Select String and click on button OK. 19. The following will appear : 20. Near Name, type : btnHi and near value, type : Hi See below:

21. Then save the work. You will notice the following:

22. Now see to the L.H.S. Click on folder layout. Double click on activity_main.xml.

23. After clicking on activity_main.xml, you will find the following: 24. Now drag and drop a Button on the form. 25. Now we will rename the button as Hi. But how to do this???

26. Select the button and right click on it. 27. Click on > Edit Text. The following will appear :

28. Choose btnHi and click on Ok. The following will appear: 29. Now, we will change the id of the button to buttonHi. How to change the id??? *…...

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 Student Name: David Leandro Rodrigues Fernandes
 Student ID number: 155139862
 Seminar Leader name: Theocharis Papadopoulos
 Word Count: 780
 1 21/10/2015 
 Katanis (2000, p100) says that “the experiences during the first semester at university may be critical in student’s decisions to continue or discontinue studies”. The student transition can be considered as a transition from adolescence to adulthood in which students have to be critical about their future decisions and take responsibility from their actions. This transition could be also considered complex for students because it introduces new challenges and issues, especially in academic literature. In this essay, it will be explained how university can help students to face issues and challenges, means of support that are accessible at the University of Westminster during first year and finally analyze strategies and actions to succeed this transition.
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