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English Literature Unseen Poetry help.

What does “Unseen” mean?
It will be a poem you have probably never seen before
You are being tested on your ability to “read and respond” thoughtfully
You are thinking about what the writer is trying to say
Every word of the poem will count

The Question
Write about the poem and its effect on you.
You may wish to include some or all of these points:
The poem’s content - what it is about
The ideas the poet may have wanted us to think about
The mood or atmosphere of a poem
How it is written - words or phrases you find interesting, the way the poem is structured or organised
Your response to the poem

What it’s about
What happens in each section
Is there an order or sequence?
Who’s speaking?
Story or idea?

What did the poet want us to think about?

Is it a story or an idea or an expression of an emotion?
Is there a message?

Mood and atmosphere
What is the tone of the poem?
How does it make you feel as you read it?
Think about the 5 senses
Think about the setting

How it is written?
Don’t just list or spot techniques
Pick out words or phrases that you find effective and try to say why
Think about the sound and rhythm of the poem. Does it have a beat? Or is it disjointed?
Look at repetition of sounds or words

Your Responce
It’s perfectly acceptable to say you find a poem confusing or misleading if you can explain why
Try to be positive about some aspect of the poem or explain how you relate to an idea or event in it
Uses phrases to show your sadness, surprise, enjoyment, anger, frustration, empathy……
The examiner basically wants to know you have read and thought about this poem

You should NEVER write...
At first I didn’t understand the poem but after reading it a couple of times I think…
The poem has no rhythm
I think the poem needed to rhyme more because I…...

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