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1101 Diliman, Quezon City

Academic Year 2014-2015

THE UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES The University of the Philippines has eight constituent universities -UP Diliman (with an extension program in Pampanga), UP Baguio, UP Los Baños, UP Manila (with Schools of Health Sciences in Baler, Palo and Koronadal), UP Visayas (with campuses in Iloilo/Miagao and Tacloban), UP Cebu, UP Mindanao, and the Open University. The Diliman campus is the University’s flagship campus and offers the largest number of degree programs. Other campuses are known for specific areas of specialization. For example, UP Manila is the country’s Center of Excellence in the health sciences; UP Los Baños is a distinguished center of academic excellence in agriculture, forestry and related sciences in Asia; UP Visayas is noted for its program in fisheries which is recognized as one of the best in Asia; UP Baguio is noted for its Cordillera Studies program; and the UP Open University provides educational opportunities beyond the boundaries of a conventional university (i.e., through distance learning). As the premier State University, UP offers a wide range of degree programs. Some degree programs are offered in only one campus (e.g., BS Nursing, BA Filipino) while others are offered in two or more campuses (e.g., B Fine Arts, BS Statistics). Most of these require qualification through the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT). To maintain its high standard of education and to maximize its limited resources, UP has had to limit slots for freshman admission to each campus and to its various degree programs. Some programs are in much greater demand than others so that their freshman slots are often more quickly filled. Other programs may not be as much in demand so that their…...

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...VALID ONLY FOR UPCAT 2013 UPCAT Form 1 (Rev. 3-2012) TO BE FILLED OUT ONLY BY PERSONNEL AUTHORIZED TO RECEIVE AND/OR PROCESS APPLICATIONS. Document Inventory Number UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES UPCAT APPLICATION FOR FRESHMAN ADMISSION FIRST SEMESTER AY 2013-2014 TO THE STUDENT AND PARENTS/GUARDIAN: Carefully read the GENERAL INFORMATION BULLETIN ON FRESHMAN ADMISSION before filling out this application form. Testing Fee: P450 US$50 US$100 Exempted : TOP 10 INCOME Deficiency/cies: List of Top 10 across all curricular programs/annexes BIR Certificate / ITR / Cert of Compensation 2316 Testing Fee F2 OTR GP/GR Affidavit PEPT GCSE/GCE Passport NBCR/ICR Remarks: Print legibly all information required. Place X marks in appropriate boxes. Only accomplished application forms, UPCAT Form 1 and UPCAT Form 2 (Secondary School Record) will be processed. 1. Received by Exemption Evaluator TP Checker NAME OF STUDENT: Print or type your full name in the following sequence: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, MIDDLE NAME. Place one letter in each box. Leave one box blank between names. LAST Staple here FIRST S taple a recent 2" X 2" photograph (taken within the last six months) in this box. MIDDLE 2. SEX 1 Male 2 3. DATE OF BIRTH (Month, Day, Year) 4. PLACE OF BIRTH (City/Town, Province) 5. MEMBER OF CULTURAL MINORITY GROUP? 2 6. CITIZENSHIP 1 2 7. Female - Be sure to print your name at......

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