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The concept of public goods is goods are consumed by households who do not pay for them however they do receive the benefit of the good. Another concept of a public good is one household’s consumption of the good does not reduce the amount which is left over for the consumption of the other households. The cost of extending service to an additional person is zero for public goods and it is impossible to exclude individuals from enjoying.
Some examples of public goods are the Emergency Alert System, street lightening for roads and highways, flood control systems, radio broadcasts, free to air television, air, and national defense. I believe the examples of public goods described above could never be extended a cost to the public for usage. It is literally impossible to bill for the services due to the free rider problem. There is no way to stop a person who would refuse to pay for the services from using and benefiting from the service just as much as a person who would agree to pay.
In addition, it would be unreasonable to expect an individual to contribute when there is no way to stop another person from utilizing the same good for free. Another view would be if a person was required to pay for public goods the goods would have to be produced in ways consumers would recognize the value solely for them. Public goods are known to have greater importance in urban areas and high-density communities.
The role I think public goods should play in cities and urbanized areas are to remain free. The tax dollars individuals pay should contribute to the cost associated with these services. There is no feasible way to monitor who will take advantage of national defense. To have a toll setup on every street and stated a person cannot drive down the street with lights unless a fee is paid. When it comes to public goods the government must continue to absorb any associated…...

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