Ushas; Goddess of Dawn

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Ushas; Goddess of Dawn

The Hindu religion is very complex with all of their Gods and Goddess; as well as with its large terms for different things and their practices. The Hindu religion is the oldest religion in India; but recognizes that other religions are equally as suitable. When people look for what gods they wish to write a paper on or just look more into; many pick the main Gods, such as Dyaus Pitr (shining father) and Aditi (mother of the gods). My goal was to look for a god that intrigued me and made me more curious about the religion and the part he or she has in it. That being I chose one the “few goddess and one of the important” gods of the Vedic Pantheon, Ushas; Goddess of Dawn. Ushas is said to be the daughter of the sky and sister of the night. It is said that each morning, this beautiful maiden (Ushas) appears, riding in a chariot pulled by cows. The sun, is said to have been struck by her beauty, and falls madly in love with her as he chases her across the sky. As she passes, she spreads her love and light across the sky; bringing in a new day for mankind. As she passes above the birds they start to sing in praise. She drives off the dark and creatures of the night and prepares us for the light filled day we have ahead. She does this every morning, tirelessly bringing light and life to mankind. According to the myths Ushas is portrayed as an shy woman that is conscious of her beauty, but is still extremely modest There are multiple hymns that are dedicated to Ushas; for example,
“Book 1:hymn 48
Dawn on us with prosperity O Ushas, Daughter of the Sky.
Dawn with great glory, Lady of the Light.
Dawn Thou with riches bounteous One.
They, bringing steed and kine, boon givers of all wealth have oft sped forth to lighten us.
O Ushas, waken up for me the sounds of joy, send us the riches of the great.
Ushas hath dawned and now shall Dawn…...

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