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At this moment, I am working in Allphones in Perth. My boss, Mrs Zhang, is a Chinese woman who has another shop in Adelaide and she always stays there. Therefore, her brother, Mr. Zhang, is taking responsible for the shop in Perth.

About two weeks ago, I went to the shop and tried to find a position there. Mr. Zhang made an appointment with me and asked me lots of questions, such as my English level, the experience of being a salesperson, and my previous job and so on. I could clearly felt that he was satisfied with me. At that night, he gave me a call and told me that he has talked to Mrs. Zhang about recruiting me and she agreed that. Still in that call, he also told me that the salary for me is 10 dollars per hour and I could start training immediately. Even I felt it is quite low, I agreed to work there, because I thought that it is better to gain some money than nothing and that would be the salary during the period of training. As the first job I got in Perth, I really felt passion about it.

It seems that it is really a hard job. Since our shop locates in the heart of Perth, there are lots of people coming to our shop every day. During the first week, I worked four days from 10am to 5.30pm, which made me very tired, but I still felt happy since I could get money from this job. One day, one of my colleagues asked Mr. Zhang to pay the salary, so did I. Mr. Zhang looked at me for five seconds and told me that there is no salary during the training and I could get 10 dollars per hour after training. After hearing that, my mind got blank. Even I applied for the tax file number before that, but Zhang said he would pay me by cash. I did not say anything that day. What is more, staffs there have to pay for the lunch all by themselves; and when it is really busy, we do not have time to have lunch.

Now, it is the second week I work there and I should get…...

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