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Performance Proven Solutions for Power Generation Industries
Leading generation organizations rely on Ventyx solutions to improve asset and workforce performance and financial results.

48 of the top 50 North American power generators use Ventyx solutions
9 of the top 10 European power generators use Ventyx Solutions
19 of the top 20 nuclear operators in North America measured by the highest capacity factor use Ventyx solutions
49 of the top 50 "Fortune 1000" energy companies use a Ventyx solution
4 of the top 5 European utilities use a Ventyx solution
70% of North American nuclear generators use a Ventyx solution
Ventyx provides the asset management, portfolio planning and optimization tools for regulated and merchant power generation organizations. Ventyx solutions operate individually to answer strategic needs, or together as integrated solutions. Generation organizations trust Ventyx solutions to improve their performance and overcome strategic challenges, including:

Meeting Energy Supply
Operational Efficiency
Trading and Risk Management
Workforce Productivity
Tightening Regulatory & Safety Compliance
Service Reliability
Environmental Citizenship
Generation Portfolio Optimization
Aging Assets
Aging Workforce
Meeting New Growth Requirements
Fuel Supply Volatility
Resource Planning Constraints
Standardize and Streamline Asset Management
Our best-of-breed Asset Suite allows you to standardize and streamline your work processes to maximize work productivity and improve generation asset performance through increased availability and improved reliability. Asset Suite is specifically adapted to the unique needs of power generation organizations.

Optimize the Generation Fleet, Trade Energy,
Manage Asset Risk
Generation Operations RO is the industry standard for generation fleet optimization, dramatically reducing…...

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