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My Principle is a Mr John from North Wales who will be making an unannounced visit to the Stradey Park Hotel for an overnight stay in the Executive suite, whilst there he will visit the restaurant where his PPO will dine with him and he will possibly go for a walk around the grounds. There is a known threat from a Pakistani businessman that is long standing over money. The threat for this scenario is low.

Venue Security Plan
Venue Overview
Stradey Park Hotel
Llanelli SA15 4HA, United Kingdom
Telephone Number: 01554758171
4* Hotel with 83 rooms, 1 of which is an Executive suite and another is an executive bedroom. Four floors and a mezzanine (Executives suits located here between floors one and two).One main route in and out, two car parks upper and lower, no garage facilities, restaurant on site named Sapphires (located ground floor) and a rooftop residents bar located on fourth floor. Main bar open to the public also located on ground floor. The hotel has one lift a 24 hour check in and no concierge service. There are three entrances and exits. Map into Hotel Ariel View

Route in/Out
Route in/Out
Car park space
Car park space
Key locations
Pick Up/Drop off point
Pick Up/Drop off point Security
There is no onsite security, the venue is covered well by a variety of CCTV (Tilt and swivel arm, dome camera) we will be allowed access to the monitors should we need it, the monitors are unmanned but access will be via the 24hr reception. All corridors are covered by CCTV. The top car park is also covered by CCTV and we have pre booked a parking space in good sight of the cameras. We have also booked advance check in so Mr John can go straight to him suite on arrival. The restaurant has one main entry exit point and overlooks the coast line, there are no high rise buildings that can look into…...

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