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Vera Drake lives with her husband Stan and her two grown children Ethel and Sid. Vera is a domestic who cleans the house of a rich woman. She has a good heart and cheerful even though she got plenty of work to do, and a lot of people to take care of and help women in need, as she calls it. Vera has her big secrete that has no one in her family knows, and a secret that she intends to keep secret. When she says “Help Women In Need” she means to help poor pregnant women who are not willing or not be able to give birth to a child. Because abortion was not legal in England in the year 1950’s.Vera’s secret comes to an end after one of the girls she treated gets sick and the police get involved.
This film does not only show how abortion works but it also tells us the story of the one who performs the abortion. Vera Drake was of pure good and it was never her intention ever to do abortion for her own benefit, but she was only thinking of how a poor pregnant woman would raise a child if they were born.
This movie also comes with moral values and an ethical question to be considered like is Abortion really a murder? Did Vera commit a serious crime? Or should Vera be put in jail, if her own intention was to help hose poor pregnant women?
As I finished watching this film, I tend to get sympathy with Vera, since she was such a caring and loving…...

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