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VeriChip: “Is Your Confidential Information Safe”

Philosophy 320
February 27, 2013

I was astonished to learn that a microchip which is implanted under the skin of a patient which would then give doctors instant access to a patient’s medical records had won the approval of the Food and Drug Administration back on October 12, 2004. The approval was immediately denounced by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) advocates, who rightfully believed that it could endanger patient privacy and thus be the stepping stone towards a major disaster. In this paper I’ll examine how the fundamental concept of a right to patient privacy could possibly be jeopardized by the chip, from unauthorized users gaining access to one’s confidential medical records to perhaps allowing the tracking of one’s daily activities. Information of this magnitude if in the wrong hands could prove to be disastrous beyond comprehension.

A company in favor of the use of the VeriChip is PositiveID Corporation. This company was formed on November 10, 2009 through the merger of VeriChip and the Steel Vault Corporation. This advanced technology development company was awarded the exclusive rights to distribute the VeriChip, also called a RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification). This implantable microchip transmits a unique code to a scanner which would then allow doctors and hospitals to confirm the patient’s identity and obtain the needed medical information. The premise is quite similar to the scanner that grocery stores have been using for years at the checkout lane. The company maintains their confidence in the security measures they’ve taken according to Scott Silverman, the company’s chairman and chief executive officer. The company is taking strict measure to promote compliance and to deter wrongdoing and to…...

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...President have as a matter of fact already convened to put together a bill to have every citizen have Bio-metric ID or VeriChip in their bodies. This idea has approached from Obama’s ambition for computerizing of all medical records in order to make health care more cost-effective. If this bill passes and becomes a law in the United States, the microchip will be forced to be inserted typically in every individual’s right arm in order to legally have a job. The microchip will consist of a barcode that will provide such information when scanned: fingerprints, retinal scans, and every other possible identification of an individual – allowing the government to track every move of a person. This chip will be produced using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) technology, and will have unlimited personal information about anyone at any accessible time. A new revolution in technology is approaching. It is understandable that the government and the President are aiming for a more cost-effective medical technology, but do the citizens really want to be “tagged like an animal”? Medical experiments on such chips show that it will not only allow access of every move of a being, but also control of the people, and in religious views, there is a possibility that this is the prophecy of the end of the world approaching – the “Mark of the Beast”. The full capacity of VeriChip is terribly astonishing. Although approved by the FDA towards the end of March 2010 to be marketed for......

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...I am just old fashioned. But I like to write my grocery list myself, and the information about things I buy can be found on my club card for that store. I certainly do not need my refrigerator to tell me when I have to buy milk. And I would rather not have the manufacturers of the products I use to know how often I use them; frankly, it is nobody’s business but my own. Then there is the whole idea of having an RFID in my credit card? No thank you. Then I just have to worry about the person standing next to me. What’s next? We already put these RFID in our pets to track them if they get lost. Are humans next? Oh wait, that’s already been done too. Jeffery, Leslie, and their son Derek Jacobs were all implanted with tags in 2002, by VeriChip (Bonsor & Fenlon, 2013, pg 8). But it is all subjective. What I think is silly others may see as a necessity. I think that in the end, technology in general, will continue to feed our narcissistic egos, and will wind up controlling us, rather than u controlling the technology. Bonsor K., Fenlon W. (2013). How RFID works. Retrieved from

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...payment card industries. Given the striking similarities in the paths our two industries have traveled, it is only natural we have arrived at a moment of convergence », et il ajoutait que, « [i]n fact, the convergence of payments and mobile communications is not just logical — it is inevitable 322 ». Visa n’en est qu’à un stade exploratoire, mais en 2006 elle s’est associée avec Cingular et JP Morgan Chase pour expérimenter la technologie sans fl Near Field Communication (NFC) dans la région d’Atlanta 323 . Pour sa part, MasterCard propose le système Nearby 324 . Enfn, la réalité a rejoint la fction dans le domaine des paiements électroniques. Une nouvelle technologie permet maintenant d’implanter une puce électronique sous-cutanée, appelée VeriChip, qui contient l’identité du détenteur. D’abord destinée au milieu médical, cette technologie est maintenant utilisée comme instrument de paiement 325 . 321. G. Fest , « Mobile Payments : FSTC Wants Turf Talks for Mobile Wallets », Bank Technology News, avril 2007, [En ligne], [ ?id=20070327Z5 GZ69G3] ; FSTC, « FSTC and Clearing House Payments Company launch m-payments initiative », Finextra, 12 mars 2007, [En ligne], [http :// asp ?id=13833]. 322. Vis a , « Visa CEO Sees Collaboration With Wireless Industry as Key to Unlocking Potential of Mobile Payments », News Release, 28 mars 2007, [En ligne], [ about_visa/press_resources/news/press_releases/nr392.html].......

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Inplanted Id Chips These in other words, mean that you will be a cyborg, which is part human and part machine. This leads to the discussion of ethical stand point and the broad uses of it. One must also ask themselves that will this lead to a helpful outcome in its future uses, or would you see it as a serious threat to your privacy and a potential tool for the government to gain power on individuals and for businesses to make a living out of personal life. This technology is not just in movies such as Jonny Neumonic, Cyborg, Gattica and Matrix, but is here now and nearly ready to be used. It is the new product by Applied Digital Solutions of Florida named the VeriChip. On October 12, 2004, the Food and Drug Administration approved VeriChip for medical applications in the United States.  This approval allows VeriChip for use of strict identity purposes, and uses in blood type checks, allergy identification and medical history of unconscious patients.  This is meant as a basica a substitute for the previously used Medical tags that was worn as a bracelet and or necklace. However, the device is subject to “Class II” special controls to alleviate potential risks identified by the FDA, these include adverse tissue reaction, electromagnetic interference, and magnetic resonance imaging incompatibility. Nonetheless, it seems that the company’s motto of “Get Chipped” has already bought the hearts of 2500 people around the world who wanted to take part of the cyborg......

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