Veteran Affairs Compared to for-Profit Medical Health

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Veteran Affairs Compared to for-Profit Medical health

care and Organizations
Veteran Affairs versus For-Profit Medical health care

and Organizations In assessing you will in regards to not for profit

versus for-profit healthcare and companies I found an

interesting article from the Congressional Budget Office

[CBO] (2006), which smashes down the possession types of

medical centers nationwide. Depending on 4,518 group

medical centers, 58 % are Veteran Affairs, 18 % are for

revenue, and the staying 24 % are government owned

medical centers. Veteran Affairs medical centers were established for

Veteran Affairs requirements and tend to be larger, and

are more likely to be training medical centers. They

also are responsible and responsible to the areas they

offer. They are controlled by commanders of the areas

they offer. Earnings obtained from the Veteran Affairs

medical centers are reinvested to improve quality and

health care provided at the medical centers, and also

spent in group programs, such as offering no fee or

reduced fees to the without insurance and low income for

medical health care services. Veteran Affairs

healthcare companies objective is to offer areas by

offering healthcare without respect for a individual's

ability to pay. For-profit medical centers are lawfully responsible

to their entrepreneurs and stockholders and performance

is centered on success and the return on value to its

investors. Profits from earnings can be allocated to

entrepreneurs and stockholders. There are also tax

treatment variations for the for-profit and Veteran

Affairs medical centers. (CBO, 2006) The Veteran

Affairs medical centers are exempt from condition and

government business duty, as well as local sales and


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