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The Victory is ours!

When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all he has done for me, my soul cries out Hallelujah, thank God for saving me!
When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all he has done for me, my soul cries out Hallelujah, thank God for keeping me!
When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all he has done for me, my soul cries out Hallelujah, thank God I got the Victory!
Victory because he’s keeping me, he’s giving me peace of mind He said ..If I keep my mind stayed on him, he’ll keep me in perfect peace) I AM More than a conqueror through Christ Jesus that strengthens me!
1Chronicles 14-19 Tells the story of when the Philistines heard that David had been anointed as King over all of Israel. They wanted to overtake him or take him out. David went sought out God and he asked him if he should go up against the army and god told him to go and HE and David would deliver them into his hands, they would defeat the army. When they came against him, God gave him Victory.
Vs. 11: David said, “God Hath broken in upon mine enemies by mine hand like the breaking forth of waters;
TRANSLATION….When god shows up it is going to be a flood of favor & power. Like a raging flood, a flood of strength.
God is the same god yesterday, today and forevermore and what he did back then he will do…...

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