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Virtual Organization Employment Law- Kudler Fine Foods
University of Phoenix

Virtual Organization Employment Law- Kudler Fine Foods Kudler Fine Foods is a company that employ’s people of all ethnic groups throughout the company’s three locations. Being that Kudler Fine Foods has such diversity under its employment, some of the rules and regulations set by the company may pose a potential problem for the company in the future. One of those rules is the proper attire rules. What may seem like inappropriate dress for one culture may not be seen as inappropriate for others. In the company’s employee handbook it clearly states that employee’s that our found dressed inappropriately or not clean will be sent home without pay. Some cultures have different ways of dressing which may appear to be inappropriate for an office environment; however, in his or her culture the attire may be considered formal wear. If an employee is asked to go home solely based on the fact that his or her supervisor considers that the employee is not dressed according to what he or she may feel is appropriate for the office, the employee may feel disrespected and even harassed. Should an employee feel that they are being personally singled out and sent home because of their attire, they may decide to sue the company for harassment. In order to maintain an environment in which all employee’s feel that his or her personal beliefs and cultural diversity are respected, the company needs to be more specific in their disclosure of what specific attire they feel is appropriate dress for the office environment. This disclosure can be written into the handbook and the employee would need to sign off on the disclosure to make sure that both the company and the employee are in agreement as to what is expected. Having uniforms is a great way for a…...

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