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VIRTUAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT “A virtual project is a collaborative effort towards a specific goal or accomplishment which is based on ‘collective yet remote’ performance.”
“Virtual project management is the structure in which virtual teams work together for a finite period of time to accomplish a specific goal”
Current penetration of Internet and development of collaborative software have introduced new dimension to technical organizations for project management that “dispersed peoples” can be a project team in place of traditional concept of project team. Three types of virtual projects are common; Lean Project, Hybrid Project and Extreme projects. The people work on virtual project as team called virtual project team and virtual project management manage the input & output of the project. Basic seven types of virtual project teams are Networked teams, Production teams, Management teams, Action teams, Production teams, Services teams and Parallel teams.
The major challenge faced by the company in executing the virtual project, is the management of virtual project team. Coordination, Communication and Control are the three essential elements for successful execution of virtual project by project management; where Control is a mechanism for mitigating coordination and communication challenges in virtual project team to make effectiveness of virtual project Management practices.
Technologies like E-mail, Tele- and Videoconferencing and Net-meetings, etc; when applied appropriately for enabling virtual projects to succeed, appear more than adequate tools of collaboration and communication for people working on it.
According to cutting edge research by RW-3 Culture Wizard following factors are determine as the real challenges to manage the virtual teams: * “Absence of Collegiality” * “Difficulty Establishing Rapport…...

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