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AdKeller Graduate School of Management at DeVry College of New York
Managerial Finance

Initial Public Offering


Ayanna Teesdale
Tianyi Liu
Marco Palli Cafarelli

Prof. Dr. Hamlet, Michael.

January – February 2013

Condensed information of Visa Inc. is presented by revising the historical events and based on the respective 10-K Filing that this company published every year since its Initial Public Offering (IPO). First, the paper opens with a review of the company and its industry. Second, the Financial and Non-Financial facts are reported based on information stated on the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings. Followed by an analysis that describes how successful was the IPO in raising capital, which continues with a narration of the happenings to the company since the IPO. Finally, the trend of Visa’s stock price since the IPO is scrutinized.

THE COMPANY AND ITS INDUSTRY Visa Inc. is a company headquartered in San Francisco, California that engages the process of trading electronic payments through a network worldwide. It enables commerce through transferring data information (which has money value) among financial organizations, merchants, shoppers, businesses, and government entities via VisaNet (an exclusive asset of the company) which is a Network Information System (NIS) that is capable of offering fraud safety for consumers and guarantees payment for merchants. Visa’s payments platforms allow: credit, debit, prepaid, and cash access programs, that include digital, mobile, and eCommerce payments for individuals, businesses and government entities.
In addition, the company offers risk management, issuer processing, loyalty, dispute management, value-added information, and CyberSource-branded services.
The payment card industry (PCI) is formed by the major payment card brands (Visa, MasterCard,…...

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