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Visual Communications
Monday, June 18, 2012

In order to promote goods using visual communications it is important to choose the right methods of communicating your message to your audience. I personally feel that the approaches that are most effective in making these communications a possibility are colors and shapes, cartoons and illustrations, and typography. Visual communication approaches like these make marketing and advertising easier and more competitive. Research has shown that people make judgments subconsciously about all sorts of things. Among these things are people, the environment, or product within ninety seconds of initial viewing and that between sixty two and ninety percent of that assessment is based on color and shapes. Catching the shopper’s eye and conveying information effectively are critical to successful sales. It has also been proven that color increases brand recognition by up to eighty percent. Shapes and colors improve reading and comprehension as well. There are many reasons why businesses use cartoons and illustrations in their marketing and advertising. When using cartoons and illustrations in marketing and advertising the characters and backgrounds are usually simple and use large shapes and contrasting colors so that the reader will capture the story right away without a lot of trouble. The advantage of these simplicities is that your message is identified by the reader very quickly and with little or, sometimes, no effort. Cartoons and illustrations are also an effective way to be used in marketing is because everyone reads them; they are simple and fun to read, and, thus, keep readers and views interested. The consistent use of standard grammar and typography help clarify meaning in marketing ads and advertising. Typography helps infuse your theme and mood in the marketing collateral in an effective way.…...

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