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appened in between 1800-1850 in England?
1800: Jan First soup kitchens to relieve hungry poor in London
Autumn Robert owen begins philanthropic reform for workers employed in his mills at New Lanark
Maria Edgeworth publishes Castle Rackrent, one of the earliest historical novels
1801 Steam carriae of Richard Trevithick carries road passengers at Camborne, Cornwall
1802 June 22 Health and Morals of Apprentices Act, first protective factory legislation, no children under 9 in mills,maximum 12-hour day for children
Madame Tussaud mounts the first waxwork exhibition in Lyceum Hall, London
Chalotte Dundas, a wooden ship with a single paddle-wheel, covers 20 miles of the Forth and clyde Canal, the world's first steam vessel.
1805 October 21 Battle of Trafalgar, Nelso defeats Franco-Spanish fleet, but is mortally wounded.
1807 Mar 25 Slave Trade abolished in all British possessions
June 4 Federick Winsor illuminates part of pall Mall with gas lighting.
1811 Regency Act in favour of Prince of Wales because of George III's insanity.
Mar organised machine-breaking (Luddism) in Nottingham
Jane Austen publishes Sense and Sensibility
Fashionable women reject tight corsets and petticoats
1812 Mar Publication of first 2 cantos of Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage causes sensation: "I woke one morning and found myself famous" autumn Countess Lieven, wife of russian ambasador, introduces waltz to London
1813 Jane Austen publishes Pride and Prejudice
Smooth-wheeled steam locomotive Puffing Billy, ivented by William Hedley
1814 Dulwich Picture Galler open to publi 1 day a week, England's first public art gallery
Sir Walter Scott publishes Waverley, his first novel
1815 June 18 Wellington and Blucher defeat Napoleon at battle of Waterloo
Sir Humphrey Davey invents miner's safety lamp
1816 British Museum purchases Parthenon Marbles from Lord…...

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