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With Singapore's changing demographics and the harsh social and economic pressures of the modern world impinging on our society, the demand for both structured and voluntary social services has grown exponentially. However the social problems and the social needs have also been increasing. Some of the social problems are the assistance of less fortunate children like children with disabilities, in need of shelter, suffering from terminal illnesses, suffering from abuse and at risk. Also problems like teenagers sexual identity, relationship problems are also challenges that the society are facing. These people need generous donation and recognitions from the public. But the recent charity saga by the national kidney foundation overshadowed, the conception of charity have been misunderstood by the public. Thus most of the charity organisations which help these needy people did faced difficulties in rejections by the public. When I was doing charity sales with an organisation called we share-care society, I did approached to some parents bringing their children and asked for donations. But they were not convinced by the organisations and they did not want to donate. My first thought was that they should donate as an educational lesson to their children that they should also help these children and also to learn how to be kind hearted. Also these adults felt that these people should be taken care and helped by the government, and not by the public. At that moment I was disappointed.
These children's emotions are being attacked and wounded by our environment, relationships and life experience. Some of these children were mocked by their classmates who are healthy and they were being hurt and were unwilling to face the world. Even some of the children were hurt by their parents who constantly quarrel or divorced because of the unstable status they were in like financial…...

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