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Students, The group presentations of your Group Project will be scheduled during the week of Sept. 1, 2014. Prof. Shailaja and my class will be conducted one after the other for each section, as per the time-table. Please note the following: 1. The group presentation has total marks of 5, and the group project, a written document (NOT copies of the PPT) will have a total grade of 15%. The section on Environment and Consumer Behavior has already been submitted by students. Students will need to submit the 3rd part of their group project on the day of the presentation. Details of this is given below:
Assignment 3 – Group Presentation on Product and Communication Campaign Develop the product that you are launching. What are the product characteristics and the consumer benefits. Who are your key competitors? What are the claiming through their web sites or any form of communications.
Study the tools carefully and understand broadly the market situation of the category and the strategies of the brands whose communication plan you have selected. Select the campaign of one brand and address the following issues:
1. What are the objectives of the respective communication plans / tools? What are the possible marketing objectives which you can infer for the campaign as a whole and its components?
2. Who in your opinion is the primary and secondary target audience?
3. Evaluate the message strategy and creative execution of competitors.
4. What are the strengths and weakness of competitors.
5. .What value proposition should you communicate about your new product. Prepare a report not exceeding 1000 words 2. Each member must present for 3 minutes.
3. The flow of presentations for each group should be common to all groups. Order will be:

 The market size, growth and…...

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