Vulnerability of Aila 2009, Affected Women.

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Vulnerability of Aila 2009 Affected Women, Ailapur, Khulna, Bangladesh.

Atikul Islam
Department of Sociology.
University of Dhaka.
March, 2011.

Causes of Aila:
Aila of May, 2009:
Consequences of Aila:
Present situation of Ailapur Village Women:
Housing and habitation:
Loss of Livelihoods:
Change in Livelihoods:
Food Crisis:
Drinking Water Crisis:
Warm cloths crisis:
Cold wave and diseases:
Sanitation problem:
Water borne Diseases:
Women specific health problem:
Reproductive Health.
Gender Violence:

Introduction: The Bay of Bengal, a northern and extended arm of the Indian Ocean and covering about 510,000 square km, is probably the "rebellious daughter" of the ocean who often turns too angry and smashes the lives of thousands along its huge coastlines particularly in the months of May and October each year. Actually, the coast of Bangladesh is known as a zone of multiple vulnerabilities. It is prone to severe natural disasters, such as cyclones, storm surges, and floods(The daily star, June 1, 2009). Aila of May 2009 is one of the most vulnerable disasters that causes hundreds of people’s death, massive damage of crops, domestic animals etc. Evan after two years of Aila, Aila affected people particularly women are in vulnerable situation. Their vulnerability are discussed in the below.
Sources of data and methodology: The data for this study have been collected from the field Using qualitative research methods. On the basis of several criteria on Aila affected village named Ailapur of Shutarkhali Union, Dakop upuzilla in Khulna district was selected. The data has been drawn from 10 to 16 March 2011. One FGD and ten case studies have been conducted with women to understand conditions of women and their households. Most of the women lived with poverty and saught their suatenance.…...

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