Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness Paper

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Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness Paper
Leah Robertson
June 19, 2012

When thinking about vulnerable populations, individuals, and families there are so many different keys that affect what makes a person vulnerable. Being aware of the attitudes, stereotypes, demographics, and financial aspects that make a certain population or person vulnerable can be a valuable lesson in being a nurse. Using a population from episode one in the neighborhood I would like to identify why I felt this particular population was vulnerable and my perceptions before and after the research that I have done.
I feel that episode one had a good variety of different situations within one small area, starting with a predominantly white neighborhood with middle to low-income jobs. Several types of housing are available and cost of living at 94%, and a low unemployment rate at 4.4%. Looking at the community you would think it was just a normal place to live with little to no issues or problems. When I began looking into the neighborhood facts and evaluating the demographics this was my perception of what the families would be like, white, normal, middle aged and middle range income.

The family that I choose to research is the Allen family, Clifford, Pam and Gary. Clifford and Pam have been together for 40 years and are happily married, with a 24-year-old son that lives at home. When I see this my stereotypes come out, I thought you couldn’t get more normal and happy with no problems than that. The situation was very different with Gary having Down’s syndrome, this is a disease that basically changes the way the whole family has to function. Having someone that is intellectually at a lower level than they should be can be very draining and stressful, being the parent of the child with downs you would have to be patient and supportive. You must also plan…...

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