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Within the current era of opulence excess and waste, the movie “WALL-E” expresses the urgent need for recycling and self preservation.

As a society we have lost preservation on the focus of mother earth. Our landfills are filled to an abundance and overflow of human waste that will never breakdown in our lifetime or our grandchildren’s lifetime. During our present society we have predicted an epidemic of obesity directly resulting in the need for instant gratification due to the internet. WALL-E (whose name stands for Waste
Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) is a cute, squat robot with droopy binocular eyes who is a roving trash compactor and, in fact, the last of this breed exposes the dangers to our society and mother earth in both of these instances. As depicted in WALL-E our societies wasteful nature created the earth as a waste dump. Once there was no more room on mother earth for the humans to cohabitate with the waste, the humans were forced to result to living on space ships. WALL-E was created in attempt to compact the waste for possible re-habitation of earth. In the process WALL-E not only discovers a long forgotten life form “the flower” he also discovers the long forgotten love and companionship of “EVE” (whose name stands for Extra-terrestrial Vegetation
Evaluator) who is a frictionless white pod with cathode-ray eyes who has been sent to earth to search for organic life. Although these two do not talk exactly, they hold hands and burble each other’s names. It is love at first heart beep. This part of the movie makes you realize there is still true love out there. We just have to keep looking for it. As instant gratification of the human society is portrayed in the movie by the grossly obese space bound colony of humans who have “evolved” into hilariously infantile technology-junkie couch…...

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...和路雪(中国)有限公司:初创期物 流运作 Walls (China) Co., Ltd.: Logistics Operations Startup By Peter Gilmour Professor of Management 和路雪(英文:Wall's)为英 国著名冰激凌企业,总部设在 英国,在全球拥有多家分公 司。是联合利华旗下企业。其 在中国生产的冰激凌品牌是 “ 和路雪”。1993年,和路雪 (中国)有限公司成立。 of: Macquarie University Australia This case was prepared as a basis for class discussion rather than to illustrate effective or ineffective handling of an administrative situation. LOGISTICS CASE STUDY DEVELOPED F OR : COUNCIL OF LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT Walls (China) Co., Ltd. Logistics Operations Startup In mid 1994 the Unilever company Walls (China) Co started manufacturing and selling ice cream in China. Bob Smith, the General Manager of Wall’ outlined some of the s challenges: Operating in China means a number of new concepts for the Chinese managers -profit, selling and customer service. The Chinese manager of the past sat in his office and the customers came to him. It was absolutely a supply driven market. I read in an official report some time ago a list of phrases that should not be used when talking to customers. The list included “Go away and don’ waste my time’ t and ‘ Can’ you hear? Are your ears dirty?’This has now changed and a key to t success is getting our product out to the customers. Distribution costs here are 20 per cent of MPS compared to 5 per cent in Europe. As Loic Courant, Bob Smith’ Commercial Manager in Shanghai, summarized the s situation: He who wins logistics wins China. Unilever in China Unilever is an Anglo-Dutch company......

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