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At Publix, we observed four different brands of applesauce for sale. These four brands include Musselman’s, Mott’s, Publix store brand, and the Publix Greenwise Brand. At Publix, these brands were sold in a variety of containers including jars and six-packs of plastic containers. While the brands consistently had similar ingredients, there were a few distinct differences. The Publix store brand contained Erythorbic acid, which it claims was to maintain color, the Mott’s contained Ascorbic acid for Vitamin C purposes, and the Publix Greenwise claimed to have organic apples for which it gave no explanation as to how a produce is certified organic. Mott’s and Publix Store Brand had a variety of flavors available while Musselman’s and Greenwise strictly were available in old fashioned and unsweetened varieties. The applesauce like the other stores we visited was placed on lower shelves. Publix had one of the larger selections of applesauce and offered a variety that would appeal to any applesauce consumer. A 48 oz. jar of Mott’s was the most expensive at $2.99 followed by the Mott’s 6-pack containers at $2.39. It is worth noting that the Publix Greenwise retailed for a $1.89 and was the only organic offering at Publix. Of the shelves occupied by applesauce, the Mott’s was shelved on top followed by the Publix brands, and then Musselman’s off to the right. This design allows for consumers to see the lower prices Publix brand surrounded by the higher priced name brands on either side.

At Walmart, we noticed that they have three major brands of apple sauce in the shelves: the original Mott’s Apple Sauce, Musselman’s Apple Sauce, and the Great Value Apple Sauce. Each brand also sold their apple sauces in a 6-pack container. Additionally, we noticed that they have the squeezable “to-go” apple sauces on the shelves.

Each brand has about the same ingredients, with the…...

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