Water Resources Utilization in Ethiopia

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JUNE 2005


An Assessment of Community Participation in the Management of Primary Schools of Wag Himra Zone



JUNE 2005






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First of all, my praise is to God and Virgin Marry for helping me to pass all the hard moments and reach this level.

My greatest and heartfelt thanks go to my thesis advisor Ato Ayalew Shibeshi (Asso. Prof.) for his unreserved scholarly comments and technical advice. Without him, this study would not have been a success.

I am also highly indebted to all respondents for their genuine information.

I am also greatly indebted to my mother W/ro Azalue W/Senbet, my sisters Atsede Tefera and Birhan Tefera, to my brother Abrha Tefera for their support and moral encouragement.

My Sincere and profound gratitude goes to my wife w/ro Tiruwork Abiye in assisting me in every work of this study, without her…...

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...Week 6 Assignment Water Resource Plan Jeff White SCI275 January 22, 2012 Week 6 Assignment Water Resource Plan Groundwater consists of surface water of lakes and streams and the underground aquifers that feed them. Because groundwater is believed to be infinitely renewable in many areas of the world, the threat to it is not recognized. This is extremely dangerous because, in reality, groundwater cannot be naturally replenished and plans must be formed to protect it. Many above ground reservoirs that are used as municipal water sources are feed by what are classified as “fossil aquifers”. These aquifers hold water that is, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of years old and they are minimally recharged if at all by surface precipitation that must penetrate hundreds of feet to reach the aquifer. It is estimated that up to 30% of water can be removed from lakes, rivers, and aquifers and not adversely affect the replenishment rate. Based on declining world precipitation estimates and with current and future municipal water consumption, there is no way these water sources can survive indefinitely. One of the key elements of insuring that groundwater will be available in the future is by developing a replenishment plan. Because of the precipitation estimates, natural replenishment seems unreliable and therefore a human methodical process must be employed to make wastewater, meaning municipally treated water that just goes down the drain, useable again. This is known......

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