Ways Biology Plays a Role in Life

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Ways Biology Plays a Role in Everyday Life and Benefits Society A. Biology is used by doctors to treat diseases in humans and animals. Farmers use biology to understand their crops. Marine biologists use biology to protect and understand ocean life. Nutritionists use biology to understand the way bodies interact with food. Health inspectors use biology to set standards for food safety. B. Biology is a person's daily life. The food you eat was produced using biological processes. There are quadrillions of biochemical reactions going on in your body at any given moment. Your environment is affected by biological processes, many organisms and chemicals found in your environment affect you. C. Any drug you ever take to cure your headache or eliminate an infection was developed using biology (and chemistry & etc.).

Making breads and cheeses depends on biological processed carried out by yeasts and molds.

All the oxygen you breathe was generated by biological processes (specifically, photosynthesis).

Virtually all the energy you use was created by biological processes. (Oil and coal are both ultimately derived from plant matter.) D. Biology connects to my life due to many factors; for one my school is almost completely surrounded by a swamp in which, occasionally, I see its various organisms and plant species. Another way biology connects to my everyday life is the bread I eat, in which before it’s made into a sandwich (or even into bread for that matter) scientists and agriculturists use the biological principles behind yeast to make the bread. Another factor is the garden I pass by in order to get to my bus stop; this is listed as a factor because the gardeners who grew the garden used their knowledge of plants in order to grow the plants. E. Biology connects to my daily life because this branch of science also studies all the…...

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