“We Shape Our Tools, and Thereafter Our Tools Shape Us”

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Progress can be both good and bad, like everything the good is nearly always better than the bad. “Good” in this case it can be defined as “innovation that’s not only sustainable, but also restorative and resilient” (Hollender 2012, p6). Hollender expresses his opinions that there is no such thing as bad nowadays, instead it should be classified as “less bad” meaning the generation of less waste, less CO2, pollute less water and utilize a greater amount of recycled materials (Hollender 2012, p6). He expresses these views on his idea of “less bad” as the world has revolutionized itself to a point where that almost everything innovative that we now do will harm something else in a negative manner. This is evidently proven from the things that have been invented over time. Going back 100 years from now it is evident that changes have been significant everywhere across the world and in nearly every case it is the tools that we have shaped that are now shaping us, this is becoming a problem in many cases.

Starting right back when the hammer was invented. It can be proven that the tools that we make definitely have an influence on the way we interact on a day-to-day basis. There is no specific date on when the hammer was first utilized or invented but it can be said that the cavemen used to use rocks to help them hit something with more force. Essentially this is what a hammer is used for nowadays but in a much more technical manner.
Back when the cavemen were using the hammer (rocks) they were using it to hunt down animals and deliver repetitive blows with force resulting in broken bones and less overall effort from the caveman himself. This early innovation made life easier for cavemen. Over time the hammer improved significantly until it came to a point where the hammer was then shaping the lives of others. For example the basic hammer that was as simple as a big…...

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