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Web Review

The United States is a country that highly depends on the use of the internet to find out information that will help them make informed decisions about everything from finding a recipe to finding out information about a person or a place of business. Educating one’s self about the services available from a medical group is no exception. In Southwest Washington State, there is a large medical group that is called Vancouver Clinic. There are a wide range of services that are available through them and also a number of physicians for a person to choose from and entrust with their care. Like most larger medical groups, Vancouver Clinic has a webpage on the internet where people can look up information that they may need about doctors, services, and even be able to access personal medical records online.
When you open The Vancouver Clinic website, which can be found at www.tvc.org, the first thing that you will see are options for looking up the information for the different locations, the providers, and the specialties available and which location offers them. Compared to some areas in the nation, the specialties that are listed for Vancouver Clinic are extensive. A list of them can be found on the website and when exploring through each of the categories, it will give you information about what the department offers as well as which of the locations offers those services. This list of specialty services starts with allergy/ immunology and goes all the way down to urology. For example, if I was looking for a new provider for my family and I looked under the specialty title of Family Medicine, I would find of list of the services provided by the family medicine department. It states that my family can receive immunizations, newborn and well child care, adult medicine including preventative and disease management, osteopathic manipulation, and…...

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