Week 1 Assignment 1.1

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Jessica Kremer
Week One
Communicating in the Workplace
Assignment 1.1

Who was the sender? | I was the sender | Who was the receiver? | A co-worker | What was the message? | Trying to get on the same page with what my co-worker was telling his student, which was the husband of my student. | What channel was used to send the message? | Voicemail | What was the misunderstanding that occurred? | My co-worker thought that I was trying to take over as the representative of his student. | How could the misunderstanding have been avoided? | The misunderstanding could have been avoided if the co-worker would have called me back before going to his supervisor. |

In this situation, I was the one who made the first mistake; that being that I didn’t put my notes into our database when my student referred her husband as a possible student. My student’s husband then called the next day and spoke with my co-worker, Michael, who took all of his information and enrolled him.

I received a phone call from my student the next asking why I had told her one thing and Michael had told her husband another. With Michael being new to the job, I thought he made a simple mistake, so I called and left him a voicemail suggesting that we talk about the students to make sure that we were on the same page in what we were telling our students. I then wrote my supervisor an email telling him what I did and said.

Michael, upon hearing the message, went to his supervisor because he had the impression that I was trying to take his student from him. His supervisor went to mine asking what was going on. My supervisor explained everything and the matter was resolved. As a result, both the students did not complete the enrollment process or start school.

The main thing I learned from this whole ordeal was to make sure that all of my notes are complete and to make sure…...

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