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Sexual Dysfunction
Melanie Chapman
July 8, 2013 Sally Henzel

Sexual Dysfunction Based upon the human sexual response, we are able to separate the following categories of sexual disorders of psychological origin: sexual pain disorder, orgasmic disorder, sexual desire disorder, and sexual arousal disorder. When we look at orgasmic disorders, we find an issue that is prevalent in both males and females: premature ejaculation (in males) or rapid female orgasm (obviously, in females). Premature ejaculation is something that plagues males around the world. Premature ejaculation is, essentially, a lack of control over one’s ejaculation, which occurs either before penetration or just shortly afterward. Premature ejaculation is frequently observed, and it is estimated that between 30% and 40% of men suffer from this. Premature ejaculation is caused, primarily, by psychological factors like anxiety or lack of sensory awareness. Lack of sensory awareness occurs when the male is unable to clearly perceive the sensations happening in their body before orgasm, which in turn leads to excitement that is just too overpowering to the body causing an early release. Rapid female ejaculation is something that we do not hear about too often, but it probably happens to women more often than we think. Rapid female ejaculation is something that is not necessarily looked upon as a problem, but it is definitely a problem. Rapid female ejaculation is a problem that occurs in women that makes them orgasm in very little time after the act of sexual intercourse has started. Once this occurs, the woman tends to lose interest in continuing the act of sexual intercourse. Some women are able and willing to continue intercourse because women are able to have multiple orgasms so long as sexual stimulation continues. There is an array of treatments when it comes to sexual…...

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...One sexual dysfunction that can affect both men and women is sexual arousal disorder. For men, sexual arousal disorder causes the inability to get and maintain an erection. Some men with this disorder experience erectile problems with certain sexual partners but not with others, while other men are unable to perform sexually in any situation. Male erectile disorder can be caused by more than one thing, from alcohol to performance anxiety. Sometimes when a man has problems maintaining an erection one time, he can worry about it happening again, therefore lessening his chances of becoming erect. There are drug treatments available for men with erectile dysfunction that can assist with achieving an erection. Other ways that men can help themselves to perform sexually is to avoid alcohol and to relax and not be consumed by past erectile failures. Fatigue is also a cause for erectile dysfunction, so getting enough rest is important. Women with sexual arousal disorder can have difficulty becoming lubricated enough for sex to be comfortable. They can also have trouble with getting sexually excited. Like with males, female sexual arousal disorder can be caused by more than one thing. Nerve damage from diabetes, low estrogen, lessened skin sensitivity, and psychological reasons can make sexual activity difficult for women. There are treatments that can replace hormones in women, which can help with vaginal dryness. If a woman’s skin is not sensitive, extra time and effort can be......

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...Summarize the effects of one type of sexual dysfunction that can affect both men and women. What are some factors that may cause this type of dysfunction? What treatments may help people who experience this type of dysfunction? There are four known types of sexual dysfunctions; sexual desire disorder, sexual arousal disorder, orgasmic disorder, and sexual pain disorder. All of these sexual disorders are in some way connected on psychological levels which cause these dysfunctions. The orgasmic disorder is split into two categories. The first category is the female orgasmic disorder. This disorder causes women a challenge to achieve orgasm if they can achieve it, but this does not always count for masturbation. Women with this disorder usually do not receive enough clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse to be able to achieve orgasm. Performance anxiety or sexual guilt may provoke an outburst. Also, trying too hard causes the opposite. Another main problem women encounter is not participating to the fullest. They rather watch than engage when it comes to active sexual intercourse. Women can also experience premature ejaculation, but most of the times this is not even recognized or classified as orgasmic disorder. The second category is the male orgasmic disorder which differs slightly from the female orgasmic disorder. While males generally reach orgasm, it either happens too early or it takes long time. This may not include masturbation or......

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