Week Five Decisions in Paradise Business Part Three

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Week Five Decisions in Paradise Business Part Three
Nicole Halliwill
MGT/350 Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making
Alvin Richards
October 29, 2012

* The determining factors affecting Habitat for Humanity’s decision to establish a greater presence in Kava is controlled by the Kava government along with its willingness to accept assistance, the willingness of organizations to help with construction as well as meeting conservation concerns, and citizens abilities along with its willingness to assist in construction. CEO Jonathan Reckford, the board of directors, and key staff members will have to be in agreement about continual need to remain in Kava. Another consideration is if there are available resources to do the construction, to run the tools to complete the construction, and to operate on a day-to-day basis. Habitat for Humanity needs to consider also if there are enough translators that speak the indigenous languages of the South Pacific tribes, Asian (Chinese primarily), African, French, and Spanish. Habitat for Humanity needs to make sure that economic interests have a way to be shipped and can be transported out. Another huge factor affecting Habitat for Humanity’s decision would be the safety of everyone involved. The medical and safety risks to staff and the community need to be addressed. The natural disasters risk to the community and staff. The last factor is to attract tourists back to Kava. *
Not only has Kava’s government been willing to have assistance from Habitat for Humanity but also they have opened their arms, are hopeful for future endeavors due to Habitat’s willingness to be conservative, and because of Habitat for Humanity’s quick response with the Disaster Response Team. Habitat for Humanity is looking forward to their future in Kava; all parties agree that a continued presence is a good step forward for the…...

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