Welfare Working for or Against Single Mothers

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Welfare working for or against Single Mothers

When I think of the word Welfare system, nothing but bad memories comes to mind. I remember when I had to wait in line for free government cheese, butter and peanut butter. Being on Welfare goes hand and hand with poverty in my mind. Living in the projects in Brooklyn, New York and the environment that surrounded me still has an effect on me today. This type of violent environment made my outlook on life dim and I had total disregard for life in my earlier years. I desired to have my dad present, but he went his own way in the 80’s about the same time when crack hit the streets of New York; my dad became a statistic to the crack game. My mother had to move us out of the city and away from our father. My mother thought moving us upstate would help us see a different life. Well yes it did, it showed me how a single mother has to work two jobs to get off of welfare. She was still driving about two hours one way to get to work and never was home to help her kids with their homework; or even to attend any of the sports games. I guess the worst part of it is when I was writing this I would use words like “is” instead of “was” for past tense like I still have very strong feelings today about poverty, welfare and single mothers because I know how it affected my family and me. In the United States there is a very big social problem with the Welfare System. First I will be going over the major legislation reform in the Welfare System also known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) in 1996 when President Bill Clinton was in office; this replaced Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). The next topic will be how single mothers are the largest demographic on welfare today and what long term affects are showing up from being on the system. The last thing I will be disusing is the relationship between low…...

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