Western View: Are Muslim Women Really Oppressed

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Western View: Are Muslim Women Really Oppressed?

Jacque Brotherton
George Fox University
20 June 2013


The Western world attributes the oppression of women in Islamic society to the religion itself but before that can be done the religion has to be fully understood. The mistreatment of Muslim women is justified as the accurate interpretation of what is stated as Shari ‘a law about their role in life. This paper examines the view of the western world and its belief in that Muslim women are oppressed. Muslim women are not allowed to work, receive limited education, and are often denied health care. The use of the veil is viewed as a sign of oppression and backwardness. This paper will also address the Qur’an and how it portrays women. Finally, the view that the Muslim women have of the western world will be discussed.

On September 11, 2001, a spotlight was placed on the world of Islam. After the events of that day, there was an immediate increase in interest of the Islamic way of life. The western world has formed the opinion that Islamic society is oppressed by its religion and government, which tend to work hand in hand in its mistreatment of Muslim women. While Muslim women themselves do not feel oppressed, western bias and society portray them as such (Awde, 2005). This is because of their racial differences in regards to the way they live their lives.

The western view of the oppression under Islam is in part due to the stereotyping by different media outlets because the media has a tendency to not differentiate between Islamic countries. If western societies were to take a good look and recognize how they were at one time oppressive then maybe it could be concluded that Muslim societies are only decades behind.

The media is quite an…...

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