What Is a Digital Firm

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What is a Digital Firm
Jeremy Schmidt

What is a Digital Firm
My definition of a "Digital Firm" is a company that uses many types of software that are all tied

together to run the major parts of their business.

I currently work for an Electrical Supply company. Our company, Werner Electric Supply, is a

great example of a Digital Firm. A customer can place an order with one of our inside sales

people via phone call, email, or online order from our website. That order is placed into our

business system manually or automatically if done via online order. Then our business system

automatically places an order from our vendors by linking into their business system. When the

product is available in our warehouse, a ticket is printed and stock is pulled and loaded onto our

trucks for delivery. This is tracked by scanning the bar code on the product and the warehouse

location, when loaded onto our trucks. When the product is delivered, the customer signs the bar

code reader. This information is sent wirelessly back to our business system. Then our

accounting group can send an invoice to the customer via email. All of this information is also

tied to our customer relationship management software called Tour de Force, which I can access

from my laptop, tablet, or Smartphone. Anyone in the company can access this information, to

see sales history, and run reports. I personally use all this information to see what business we

are getting from a customer, so I can go back to the customer to try to up sell the products that

we have available but are not purchased from that specific customer. I can also add

opportunities for potential sales into the CRM software, which is a good way to track what

business I should be pursuing at my customers, and follow up if and why we may not be getting


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