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A good resource is all the documents that of a form or other one spread the proper knowledge of an area. Each of these documents gives birth to the primary sources of information, and these in turn, give place to other documents that the secondary and tertiary sources shape. In the chosen topic "Research and report on how to fund a non-profit community book festival for a major United States city. Consider recent changes in the economy ", we identify a various sources to develop the above mentioned topic. These identified sources offered to us information of how we can plan a book festival by means of sponsors to be able to help this non-profit company.
What makes a good resource for every investigation or event planning is the validity of information. The person need to make sure the source is trustworthy. How he or she can verify it? For example: a Phoenix University document from the online library VS a complete informative document from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an online library but made by every person who post information, they didn’t verify the sources, maybe you can find an extensive and complete document about the information that are you looking for but the sources are not reliable. Another example is when the person looks information about decease, is not the same getting the information over the internet that getting the information from a book that its author is a doctor.
The sources utilized to get information about how to make or plan a book festival were recovered from University of Phoenix on line library. This is a very good resource to get valid and important information about any or almost any theme. One of the sources is Fall Book Festivals, this source Presents information on several book festivals in the U.S. through November 2004. Also provide websites like www.sbbookfestival.org, to get information about a real book festival and how…...

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