When Technology Fails Our Children

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Mira Jacobs in her Shine.yahoo.com article “The great Baby Einstein scam” (2009) discusses the report done by New York Times (T. Lewin, 2009) that Disney is offering refunds to buyers of the Baby Einstein videos, due to false advertisement. The advertisement promised to make children smarter. Mira continues to discuss how parents felt bamboozled by Disney’s product and in actuality the New York Times article noted a study done by the “American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under two years old stay away from watching screens”. American parents are using technology as a crutch as opposed to a tool for their children’s education.
I think that as a mother I like all mothers would like my child to be able to excel socially and academically. We like to find fun innovative ways to engage our children in education. I can see how parent can get excited over a product on the market disguised as a genius maker; enhancing our children’s intellect just by popping in a movie and plopping our kid in from to watch and listen. Yea, it’s exciting news, sensational news, nut reality it is not!
I feel that in today’s world where technology plays such a big part of our lives, it’s easy to get sucked into these gimmicks. It seems that as technology has progressed we have lost touch with the simple things. Instead of using our five senses (touch, smell, listen, see, taste) to learn and grow, we limit ourselves with technology to just listen and see. Which can actual disable us and in turn limit our intellect, our knowledge.
In my opinion, as parents we need to teach our children balance. I feel that it is important to lead by example and to show our children that we can incorporate technology into our lives without becoming dependent and limited. We need to teach them that there is a time and place for everything; which includes shutting off the power supply ever now…...

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