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Organizational behavior
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East West University 1. Do you believe that whistle-blowing is good for organizations and its members, or is it, as David Stetler believes, often a means to extort financial gains from companies?

Whistle blowing means calling attention to wrongdoing that is occurring within an organization.
The fact whistle blowers are good/bad for an organization depends on different situations whether a whistle-blowing will have a positive or negative result over the organization. That is it depends on what they're whistling about.

If it has intention to get someone trouble then we have to think about the undesirable consequences it might happen for whistle blowing. On the other sense, if it is someone who is angry with the organization for other reasons and blows the whistle solely to cause harm or embarrassment to the company, then they're just a jerk.

On the other hand, of it is related to protest against unethical deeds then it is ok. If whistle blowing is a means toward a positive end, then in the long run, we might want to consider it good for the organization as a whole, but not so for some of those within the organization who refuse to adhere to ethical behavior.

However, I tend to believe that most whistle blowers are simply conscientious people who see injustice and want it to be corrected. For example, if your company has a procedure that is not being followed, but it really isn't hurting anything, blowing the whistle only causes problems. However, if you…...

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