White Water Rafting

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White Water Rafting
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April 2, 2012

White Water Rafting Consultation
When considering options to choose when starting a whitewater rafting business, one can become overwhelmed by the number of laws and regulations in place that must be followed and which can limit other decisions for the location and running of the business. Insurance laws and land use regulations vary from state to state; both of these will have a significant impact on how a company conducts business. Real property and personal property laws also vary between the states and play a significant role in business decisions. Research into insurance laws, environmental regulations, and the impact of real versus personal property laws in states considered for business operations is paramount to a successful business venture.
Real and personal property acquisition
A whitewater rafting business requires operating from the ground up. In searching for the best place suited to start up this business three sites where chosen, the Nolichucky River in North Carolina, the Chattooga River in South Carolina, and the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
There are two kinds of property, personal and real. Personal property in all three states is classified as movable. Mobile homes are classed as personal property and may be acquired with minimal formality. According to all state laws, mobile homes as personal property depreciate in value. Real property is immovable or attached to the land and the civil law protects the status of real property in real estate markets. Accountants "distinguish personal property from real property because personal property can be depreciated faster than improvements while land is not depreciable at all" (Wikipedia, 2012 Feb. 19). There are certain fees and other expenses that become part of the cost basis in the property.
Real properties are…...

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