Why Not Writing Your Own Paper Yourself Is a Bad Idea

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Eeyore has crippling depression. permalinkembedgemanmeldgiv guldreply
[–]Eloquentdyslexic 2766 point for 21 timer siden*
I always though this theory that every character represented a mental illness was interesting;
Pooh - Eating Disorder
Piglet - Panphobia/ Generalized anxiety
Tigger - ADHD
Owl - Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Christopher Robin - Schizophrenia edit* Changed Tiggers mental illness permalinkembedgemforældreanmeldgiv guldreply
[–]doublek94 1600 point for 21 timer siden
Rabbit- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder permalinkembedgemforældreanmeldgiv guldreply
[–]Grumplogic 1042 point for 19 timer siden*
Kanga - Postpartum depression
Nah jk she's perfect... the saint of The Hundred Acre Woods that everyone aspires* to be... except where is Mr. Kanga?
Edit because of the Disney Wikia:
She is notable in a way, as she is the one of the few characters that Tigger doesn't bounce
:| well then permalinkembedgemforældreanmeldgiv guldreply
[–]MjrJWPowell 460 point for 18 timer siden
That would explain why he takes such a huge role in Roo's life. permalinkembedgemforældreanmeldgiv guldreply load flere kommentarer (11 svar) load flere kommentarer (23 svar)
[–]halfascientist 402 point for 16 timer siden*
Rabbit is OCPD, not OCD. OCPD is a persistent personality style corresponding to a kind of rigid, rule-governed perfectionism that can often result in a really bizarre level of neat-freakery. Honestly, probably a level of all-domains personal rigidity far beyond what you're imagining with respect to your-college-roommate-who-was-totally-like-this. OCD is, fundamentally, an anxiety disorder in which distressing intrusive thoughts (obsessions) are coped with by means of often elaborately-ritualized behaviors (compulsions). As often than not, they're kind of slobs. It's tough to keep your life together when you have to keep twirling your…...

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