Why People Resist Change

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Why people resist change
1. Fear. By far the biggest reason for resistance to change, fear creates paralysis. According to Jeff Hajek, People get worried that the new way won’t work, that they will not do well following the modified process, or that it will mean having to change to another job within the company. Worst of all, they fear layoffs.
2. Misunderstanding about the need for change/when the reason for the change is unclear — According to Torben Rick if staff do not understand the need for change you can expect resistance. Especially from those who strongly believe the current way of doing things works well…and has done for many years!
3. Comfort . When people have it good, they are reluctant to give that up. According to Jeff Hajek this is most common when an improvement effort in one area requires additional work in another area. For example, let’s assume area ‘A’ can save 10 minutes by moving 5 minutes of work to area ‘B’. The employees in area ‘B’ are likely to be less than thrilled by the change, especially if things were humming along smoothly for them.
4. Personal preference. According to Jeff Hajek some people have a personal style that makes it hard for them to accept change. This is basically the ‘other’ category of resistance. Some people just like things the way they are.
5. Change in the status quo —According to Torben Rick resistance can also stem from perceptions of the change that people hold. For example, people who feel they’ll be worse off at the end of the change are unlikely to give it their full support. Similarly, if people believe the change favours another group/department/person there may be (unspoken) anger and resentment.
6. Low trust — When people don’t believe that they, or the company, can competently manage the change there is likely to be resistance.
7. Changes to routines —According to Torben Rick when we talk about…...

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