Why Teach?

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Why Teach?
Sylvester Ali White Jr.
Grand Canyon University EDU 576
August 07, 2012

Why Teach?
Teaching is a strong passion for me. Since high school, when I was a tutor for the English Department’s Writing Support Office, I knew I was called to teach. The proud feeling that would overtake me when students that I have helped receive an “A’ or “B” and they were excited, sealed the desire to teach for me. Why I teach? Because teaching is transformational; it allows me to empower students with knowledge, and I view children as valuable.
I agree with Sarah Brown Wessling that teaching is transformational when a person can see the potential of someone even though they may not see it themselves. Many student place limits on themselves because of their home life. I enjoy pouring into children. I am honored when I can encourage students to push beyond their foreseen limitation. As I spend time with students, bonding, by the end of the year, I literally see them more empowered.
Michelle Shearer says she “loves to empower students with knowledge and skills to take ownership of their education and their lives.”(M. Shearer, personal communication, Summer, 2010). I enjoy spending time with student talking about the future. I ask questions such as: 1. Where do you see yourself in five to ten years? 2. What type of life who you like to live?
When asking these types of questions, I probe to see what they think it will take to make their dreams a reality. When I see that it may need to be steered differently, I gently guide them in the direction that may be better. Even though I may not see the end result, I am thrilled at the end of the day knowing I have planted seeds that potentially grow into something amazingly beautiful. Finally, I teach because I am fighter to reverse the dropout rate. Students are valuable. When I think of something being valuable, I…...

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