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Action Plan for vacating rooms
SH1 Block One room is each apartment will be blocked (Mutually decided by the apartment mates) to keep stuff of all other students staying in the apartment. You can lock your wardrobes & book shelves, rest of the rooms need to be vacated. The belonging, you are not carrying back home, can be kept in the room blocked. The key of the room will be carried by the student, who is coming back first to avoid any inconvenience to others. Kindly do the needful before applying for the out pass for vacation.

East /NE /South /South West/Central Block All the students are requested to vacate their rooms as this block is near to Academic block, all the rooms will be given to delegates. You are requested to pack your all stuff & keep it in the wardrobes & book shelves and also lock it. The belongings, you are not carrying back home, can be kept in one room blocked on each floor.
Super Block All the students are requested to vacate their rooms. You are requested to pack your stuff & keep it in the wardrobes & book shelves and also lock it. The belongings, you are not carrying back home, can be kept in room blocked on each floor. On each floor two rooms will be blocked to keep all stuff of that particular floor.
SH3 & SH4 Blocks All the students are requested to vacate their rooms. You are requested to pack your stuff & keep it in the wardrobes & book shelves and also lock it. The belongings, you are not carrying back home, can be kept in the room blocked on each floor of that particular block.
Some students are not going home because of their Moot Competition or some other reasons. Kindly send us a confirmation mail if you are…...

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