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Within the network of the Department of Defense (DoD), AAA is the sole supplier of military products for the U.S. Government. My organization has three different levels of management and of those levels, two different unions exist. 7000 workers encompass AAA over 35 locations in the United States; of these 7000 workers, they include contractors and non-supervisor union workers. The purpose of this academic paper is to show the policy monitoring and enforcement strategy of AAA. Our modified Internet use policy along with a physical access policy will be discussed first, then further detail will be explained going forward.
Internet access is one of the main-stays of AAA. Users constantly will be using the Internet to access their email accounts, work use, and downtime personal use if they are laptop users at home. During business hours, only work related assignments from web usage will be allowed. This will be monitored by web-admins, who can see the browsing activity of these contractors and full time employees at any time. It is imperative to save bandwidth and to provide our end users will quality Internet service. For example, if I am working on an assignment and it is taking longer than usual, someone may be using YouTube for an extended period of time, taking up the available bandwidth that could be used for work purposes.
Physical access is also an issue for AAA. Employees in the past have lost their positions by not having their access badges available upon entering into the building; simply using other employee’s badges to access certain areas of the building is unacceptable. A standard needs to be in place for employees to operate on the highest level in a structured IT Security organization. Every time a user swipes their badge at a door to access a certain area, a record is kept of when, how and a potential why if the employee is asked as to what area…...

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