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My Way of WordPress.org Theme
A WordPress.org site has an infinite number of themes you can choose from. After choosing your theme, you can make necessary changes that you want to improve or make your theme better. No theme is permanent, you can activate any theme that fits you best. There is a Free Themes Directory that has different themes that you can also activate. When finding your theme, you can filter your search list based on color, columns, fixed or flexible width, and other features. WordPress.org allows you to preview it to. Whenever you want to make your own or make changes to existing themes you will need some extra files. You can also go to the edit themes in the admin or use notepad ++. A theme consists of a number of template files, all stored in the theme folder which we find in wp-content/themes. Every WordPress Theme has to include at least two files: index.php and style.css. The index file defines what content is displayed by the theme, and the style sheet contains information about the theme that WordPress uses to make the theme work correctly. Most themes have a few additional files: header.php (contains the <head> sections of each page plus the header of the website’s design), sidebar.php (contains the sidebar, including any widget areas), footer.php (contains any functions that are specific to your theme. You can develop your own WordPress Theme by first creating a Child Theme. This is your style.css file. Create the following using comments: Theme name, Theme URI, Author, Author URI, description, Version, Tags and other comments. After the stylesheet is complete, your theme should show up blank in the admin panel under themes now you can activate it. Now it’s time to fill in the template files. The main file you will need to use is the index.php file. It can be used to include all references to the header, footer, sidebar, content,…...

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...our company could be saving more than a million dollars by implementing WordPress over the next 3 years. I believe 75% of the work being done by our web developers could be done more efficiently using this platform. By implementing WordPress, our current processes of developing will be more efficient and easier to adapt to future technologies. This adoption will greatly reduce the amount of time our developers waste on coding, which will cover for the initial investment of this platform. WordPress has limitless functionality and it is free. The user is free to do whatever they like with the WordPress code. They can extend it or modify it to fit their needs or they can use it for commercial projects without any licensing fees. Another great feature that improves developer’s efficiency is the workflow. There can be different types of users that can only post drafts not publish to the front page. Having different roles for users such as administrator, editor, or author, allows users to collaborate but also adds restrictions to what they can and cannot do. There are up to ten levels of different users having different privileges with regards to publishing, editing and other options. Another key feature in WordPress is its compatibility. This platform is compatible with multiple browsers, and its compliance with W3C standards, which means it has compatibility with tools of future generations. Finally, WordPress comes with thousands of plug-ins for us to work with. Most of the......

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...webbsida där inläggen är ordnade så att de senaste inläggen oftast är högst upp. Bloggar har de senaste åren blivit mycket populära och fenomenet har vuxit lavinartat.” Kända bloggare är t.ex. utrikesminister Carl Bildt, http://carlbildt.wordpress.com/. Förberedelse Ta reda på fakta om fenomenet blogg – utgå t.ex. från wikipedia. Studera andras bloggar. Börja t.ex. med bloggar på Blogger eller Wordpress. Uppgiften På Internet finns många möjligheter att själv skapa en blogg. Om man har ett Google-konto kan man använda tjänsten Blogger. • Skapa med hjälp av ditt Googlekonto en egen blogg. Bloggen ska handla om något som intresserar dig. Det kan vara politik, idrott, inredning, litteratur, film, resor etc. Om du vill kan du använda någon annan fri bloggtjänst på nätet, t.ex. Wordpress. • Bekanta dig med inställningsmöjligheterna. Designa bloggen efter eget tycke och smak. • Var så aktiv som möjligt med nya inlägg! Lägg in både text och bild. Testa också att använda filmklipp (t.ex. från youtube) eller ljudklipp. • Google och Wordpress har utvecklat appar för mobila enheter, smartphones och surfplattor, för att enkelt kunna administrera och uppdatera sin blogg t.ex. på resor. Installera en sådan app för din blogg och skriv något inlägg med hjälp av din mobila enhet. Ta även en bild med telefonen eller surfplattan som du också lägger in. Om du saknar smartphone eller surfplatta så kan du få låna en. Då måste du......

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...A step by step checklist for publishing a brand new website through a hosting company would be the following. First checking to ensure that the site hosting company will provide the operating system that will support he site, for example if you are going to run the site on Microsoft Windows or on Linux. After determining the operating system then we need to ensure they will provide adequate space for storage and applications such as Drupal, WordPress or .net. We need to make sure that the hosting company will allow support of the applications if it will be used to help create the site. Bandwidth requirements is also another important part when looking for a web hosting company, making sure that you have adequate bandwidth will ensure that you site is not slow or down when a lot of people are visiting the website. I choose Godaddy.com as a hosting site because they allow a person to choose the operating system and select the language support needed for the site. They also will support application add-in such as WordPress and Drupal which will allow me to select an add-in that I would like to support for running the site. Another reason I selected Godaddy.com is the price and what the office for the monthly price. For a monthly price of $5.99 a month they offer 150GB of space, unlimited websites and bandwidth, 500 email accounts which will allow me to have multiple mailboxes. Godaddy.com also provides free Google, Bing, yahoo and Facebook ad credits allowing me to......

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...not have been possible. I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase the necessary steps needed to set up Grayson Global Shipping’s website and blog. I have enjoyed this assignment and I look forward to your response. If you have any questions about the report please feel free to give me a call. CONTENTS Page Executive Summary 4 Introduction 4 Necessary Steps for the Implementation of Website & Blog5-14 1. Plan the Website 2. Choose a Domain Name 3. Hire A Web Host 4. Install WordPress 5. Choose a WordPress theme 6. Configure Your Plugins 7. Complete Your Administrative Pages 8. Publish Your Content. Rinse. Repeat 9. Don’t Forget Marketing 10. Back Up Your Site LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS FIGURES PAGE 1. Plan the Website5 2. Choosing a Domain Name6 3. Hire a Web Host6 4. Install WordPress7 5. Choose a WordPress Theme7-9 6. Configure Your Plugins9 7. Complete Your Administrative Pages10-11 8. Publish Your Content 11-12 9. Who we will market to13 10. Back Up Site 14 Executive Summary This report list and illustrations the necessary steps for the successful creation of a website. Introduction Grayson Global Shipping has always been the type of shipping company who has always been about the customers. Always seeking ways to better improve their companies. Making sure, regardless of the changes that...

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Cell Phone Industry

...that the industry is in there are a lot of companies that offer products that differ in some way. Not only may they differ in design, but they can also differ in plan that is offered for the cell phone. When opening a new business to join an industry it important to know if the product or good is elastic or inelastic in demand. If a product is inelastic it is unaffected to a change in price (Wordpress, 2014). In other words if a products price goes down people will not necessarily but that much more with the drop in price if the product is inelastic (Wordpress, 2014). When a product is inelastic and the price goes down the total revenue will actually get smaller and with the price goes up total revenue will go up (Wordpress, 2014). The opposite occurs when a product is elastic. If a product is elastic the change in price will affect total revenue for a product. So if the product price drops for an elastic product more people will purchase the product, which will increase total revenue and as it goes back up less people will purchase the product so total revenue will go down (Wordpress, 2014). The cell phone industry while many people may think it is a necessity, cell phones are not, but in the world today they may be coming more and more of a necessity. In saying that though the high tech multi-optional cell phones in the world today are really luxury items, which makes cell phones an elastic product. People will buy cell phones, but may not afford the really nice......

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...services department to understand workshops and seminars suitable for art students. To achieve this purpose, this survey was done by collecting data from 22 art students in art school. Data collection was by the use of a survey questionnaire containing two questions. The first question sought to rate how students were interested in undertaking different workshops. The last question was open ended seeking to understand other workshops that students would like to attend. To avoid getting blank responses, each participant was asked the questions and the researcher wrote the response on their behalf. The results indicated that 17 students were interested in attending the creativity workshop. However, most participants were not interested in the “wordpress” workshop. For the second question only nine participants identified other workshops in which they wish to attend. A Survey was done in an Art School to find out which Workshops and Seminars would be helpful for Art Students Introduction/Problem Statement Educational institutions recognize the need of students’ involvement in decision making. This attribute is seen as vital because it helps students select what they think would benefit them and help improve on their educational outcomes (Murphy 56). In particular, education institutions have been using seminars and workshops as tools to improve on the development of their students. In designing these workshops, evaluating learning needs are significant in determining what......

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...business, a blogger or you have a website, you must be familiar with Wordpress. If you are not using it yourself, you know of a business or individual using WordPress. Word press is a web platform created through merging entrepreneurial and web development skills, to bring different features. From its first launch in 2003, WordPress has continued to gain more popularity all over the world. At its launch it was just a simple CMS (content management system), but was competent for blogging purposes. It is until recent years that people stopped viewing WordPress as a blogging website, but as a publishing platform for building blogging and building websites. Millions of websites are powered by WordPress. Big companies are also using word press. Word press is a friendly and versatile CMS. What exactly has led to its popularity? These are among the numerous reasons why it has gained acceptance all over the world. Stable plugins and economy. Word press plugins require no other plugins and frequent updates. Word press offers so many quality plugins that functions perfectly well. There are actually free plugins that can do most of the things perfectly well. This reduces the cost of monitoring and frequent maintenance. It is an ideal platform for any business that has little downtime or costly maintenance online presence. Multiple options. Word press recently introduced the option of hosting more than one Wordpress site. On the same installation. This feature enables......

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...What is wordpress? WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, which runs on a web hosting service. Features include a plug-in architecture and a template system. WordPress is used by more than 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013.WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, at more than 60 million websites. It was first released on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenwegand Mike Little, as a fork of b2/cafelog. As of 26 November 2013, version 3.7 had been downloaded nearly 10 million times.The new 3.8 version, named “Parker” was released yesterday. History of wordpress According to the official WordPress Codex, WordPress is the official successor to a blogging tool developed by French programmer Michel Valdrighi named b2/cafelog, which launched in 2001. In 2002 Valdrighi stopped developing b2, which in another world could have been where the story ends, however in January 2003 Matt Mullenweg, a university freshman who was using the b2 blogging software to post photos he was taking on a trip to Washington D.C., wrote on his blog that he’d be willing to create a fork of the project, which, together with a guy named Mike Little (who now runs a web development company named Zed1), is exactly what he did. Mullenweg and Little released the first version of WordPress in May 2003. Others soon joined Mullenweg and Little, including the originator of b2, Valdrighi. In......

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...directing activities, controlling project execution, reporting progress, and analyzing the results. As in other areas of business, project management … must deal with five major variables: scope, time, cost, quality, and risk.” (Laudon, 2012) Through this new system, the project manager would be empowered faster and more efficiently to begin the project once the sale is made. Business/Technical Approach RevLocal needs to focus on implementing a web-based, server-side application that can prompt for, receive, transmit and store the necessary information for the initiation of a new project. The organization specializes in Wordpress and can capitalize on its knowledge of PHP, jQuery & Javascript to create/implement a cloud-based application (with cloud storage) within Wordpress to accomplish such a goal. WordPress uses a MySQL database (Managing Your WordPress Database, 2008) to store content and other information so this will be needed so that the implementation of such solution is familiar, with fewer unknowns. Business Process Changes This change will affect the web design, sales and finance departments (whom also need the agreements to properly process the initial deposit required for a new project). Because this change is only improving the route to digital delivery of the new agreement and not a brand new means of delivery, no major reengineering of business processes would be needed, making this an ideal solution. The sales team would need brief training to......

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...value. There are basically 7 forms of Social Media. 1. Blogging — WordPress, Blogger 2. Social Network — Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Hi5, LinkedIn 3. Microblogging — Twitter, Google Buzz, Yahoo Meme 4. Social Bookmarketing — Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx, Reddit 5. Video Sharing — Youtube,Hulu 6. Broader Content Sharing — Enips, Scribd, Slideshare 7. Forums — Yahoo Answers HUM 186 Week 1 – The Internet Social Media Get Tutorial by Clicking on the link below or Copy Paste Link in Your Browser http://hwguiders.com/downloads/hum-186-week-1-internet-social-media/ For More Courses and Exams use this form ( http://hwguiders.com/contact-us/ ) Feel Free to Search your Class through Our Product Categories or From Our Search Bar (http://hwguiders.com/ ) Answer each question below. Answers should be approximately 100 words per question. What are the different forms of social media that exist today? Provide examples of different social media and their primary purposes. Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. Social media use web-based technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue. A common thread running through all definitions of social media is a blending of technology and social interaction for the co-creation of value. There are basically 7 forms of Social Media. 1. Blogging — WordPress, Blogger 2. Social Network — Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Hi5,......

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...main ways people keep in touch. Eg. Facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr Using the Internet to Communicate 3.) Email  Electronic mail  Emailing is just like typing a letter, only you send it on the internet and it gets to the other person’s email account within seconds. Eg. Yahoo mail, gmail, Microsoft mail Using the Internet to Communicate 4.) VoIP  Voice over Internet Protocol  allows you to have telephone service through your internet connection.  Some services also let you do video conferencing eg. Skype, oovoo, fb call, hangouts Using the Internet to Communicate 5.) Blogs  If you have knowledge or interests that you're passionate about, you can create your own blog and share your thoughts with the world. Eg. Wordpress, blogger Entertainment  Music  Videos  Radio  Catch-up television  Games  News and sports  Online weather  Finding jobs online  Applying for jobs online  Volunteering online  Working from home on the internet  Health information online  Government services on the internet CLICK TO ADD NOTES: There are two main types of computer networks: Local Area Network (LAN): A LAN is two or more connected computers sharing certain resources in a relatively small geographic location, often in the same building. Examples include home networks and office networks. Wide Area Network (WAN): A WAN typically consists of two or more LANs. The computers are farther apart and are linked by telephone lines, dedicated......

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...My Insurance Agency website will need media formats and plug-ins. Customers and potential customers will need an easy way to interact online with staff at the Insurance agency. There will be a contact form that will allow them to do so and a contact form plug-in will be needed to do so. One contact form plug-in that can be used is Clean Contact. Clean Contact is a form for WordPress that also allows us to specify a Thank You Message and also a Thank You Url (Dicky, 2010). I would include a Share This plug-in. Any website visitor will be able to share our content to more than 50 social networks. Xml Sitemap plug-in will be included to create an XML Sitemap that is compliant and supported by Google, Yahoo, and MSN. A media player will be included to enable visitors to play audio. Color will be used to make the images stand out and to link text on the website. Lines will be used to divide space and create forms. The photographs and illustration will be used to tell stories. An example is showing pictures of satisfied customers of our agency with their testimonials. There will be a picture of the agent. Clip art and background are other graphics that will be used. The content that will be included in this site are information regarding the insurance products that we offer. Our agency is an exclusive provider of Allstate products. We have an agreement with Allstate Insurance to sell their products only. Our content will describe the benefits of the insurance we provide.......

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...will take place in an event held together with Dunia Melayu Dunia Islam (DMDI), Ministry of Education and also the Rural Transformation Center (RTC Bukit Bayan) . The entrepreneurs who participated in this program attended eight weeks of classes held every Saturday. They were taught about ICT Blogging and Wordpress website development, which helped them to have the right ideas on how to market and sell their products and services online, an alternative to the traditional way of marketing and selling. Two instructors ,assistant instructors and an intern were involved in coaching the participants. These instructors are: ❖ Puan Raja Aida Raja Shaharuddin Program Coordinator/ Instructor ❖ En Muhammad Hariz Instructor ❖ En Muhammad Nur Affendy Nur’a Assistant Instructor ❖ Cik Nur Fareha Zefri Working Student Scheme The participants were exposed to four (4) weekends (only Saturday) of Blogspot / Wordpress theories and they were also given another four weekends (only Saturday) on Blogspot and Wordpress hands-on workshop. After they had learned about developing blogs , they will build their own website using Wordpress , they will use their websites to market and sell their products. They can promote their goods or services in the e-marketing program created website named www.malacos.ml ( This website is specially created so that the participants can upload their website at real time and they can surf back to see their......

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...Payment Users to Reach 108.6 Million in 2010 Mobile banking will expand in UAE 8 million Filipinos now using mobile banking — BSP Citibank Launches Mobile Banking Service In Russia ‘2.5 billion World’s Adults remain Unbanked’, Barclays Report $10 million fund designed to incentivise mobile financial services companies. Huge growth in operator revenue by offering financial services studies by q q q q q q When the service is introduced customers will be able to send money directly from their accounts with the touch of a few buttons. They will also be able to send money home from pre-paid cards after MoneyGram’s systems are integrated with NBAD’s existing Arrow mobile phone transfer service. q http://freepaisa.com/wordpress/ (1 of 6)25-06-2010 10:23:24 FreePaisa for the world Continue reading NBAD to dial ‘R’ for remittance q CGAP Western Union reveals international mobile strategy Mobile Banking: You can now pay school fees using your phone MTN Uganda sees explosive growth in mobile money Doha Bank gets nod for mobile money transfer MasterCard Mobile MoneySend Platform Set To Go Live Utiba now certified in Western Union Money vendor Program Telenor Easypaisa have crossed 2 Billion through Fundamo Wallet System MTN RAWANDA: Mobile Money Hits Rwf590 Million Western Union piloting mobile remittance in UAE Telco to help rural majority access banking services Football Betting Innovation In Kenya via MPESA Visa joins bandwagon for mobile phone......

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Theme Installation

...Documents Real Agent Real Estate Setup Documentation Theme Installation Login into your WordPress dashboard and click on “Appearance” --> “ Themes” tab. You will have the option to manage existing themes or Install new ones, click on “Install Themes”. A sub menu with the following options will appear below the main tabs: Search | Upload | Featured | Newest | Recently Updated Click on the “Upload” item and you will get the following screen: Install a theme in .zip format Click on “Choose File” and locate the purchased file in your PC and then click on “Install Now”. Preview or Activate the theme and check your website to see the Real Agent Real Estate theme. The theme is now active. Demo content installation (Developer Package) Developer (Full) package only --> Click on "Tools"--->import-->WordPress and locate the provided xml file in your computer, click upload file and import, select your author preferences and click "Download and import file attachments". All the content from the demo theme will be on your website. Setting Permissions Make sure the following folder have "write or 777" permissions for authors and specific images thumbnail creation: /cache/ (located within the theme) Image Size Image sizes are defined by default in Real Agent theme but you also need to setup your "Media" settings in the WordPress administration to tell WordPress to resize all your images to the correct size for the theme. Click on......

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