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Christopher O’Neil Jenkins
Prof. Vinson W. Jaye
ENG 101-102
Narrative Essay Finale Draft
19 January 2016
Words without Sound Are A Valuable Thing Words are simply words because they refuse to be anything else, they are not. Time is simply time because everyone believe there is nothing more than just a few seconds in every brief encounter, no matter how brief it is. Space is vast and empty and will always be vast and empty because there is always room for error or so I thought. I use to be someone who wrote about and described only what I saw and felt in the quite miserable childhood I found myself to have. However, it never crossed my mind once that something so silent, on paper, could make so much noise and mean so much to me. It became the instrument of the performance that I am allowed to perform every day and hopefully to the end of my days. Writing is an object, a subject, a talent, and a path. The way you see it is entirely up to you, but for me it is and always has been something I could never stray far from. My life began when I was born, but the life I am talking about is the one I was dealt at the age of five. My mother and father got divorced when I was very young. It weighed heavily on my shoulders that I was somehow to blame and if I did not exist everything would have turned out differently. In fact, every human being knowing or simply ignoring it must live knowing the impact they have on the world around them. When you look at facts and the world from a realistic point of view you can see it as only being corrupt and evil around every corner. Simply shaking my head to deny such things as spoiled children often do usually did the trick, but at the cost of hiding myself in my childish delusion. My speech and writing skills were terrible when I began school to the point where no one could understand me and I had to be taken to a special class.…...

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