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Work Culture Preferences Management/521 June 17, 2013 Facilitator: Marvin Jones

Organizations today understand that by being ethical, team centered, and well-resourced are vital for today’s managers and employees. Managers contribute positively to society and make a difference in employee’s lives by having a friendly and supportive work atmosphere. The organization will focus on achieving goals and each manager/team lead will have knowledge and experience in their field.

Work Culture Preferences and Competencies
The Work Culture Results states that I am ethical, team work centered and well-resourced for my organization. The ability to learn your ideal work culture is beneficial for your organization to achieve goals but also allows you to achieve goals. Strategic Plans are plans set forth for the employees in the organization because we emphasize on fairness. The organization understands that by having managers and employees who possess the knowledge in a particular field will have an Operational Plan to make organization a safe place to work. Competencies essential to conducting an (SWOT) analysis; External and Internal analysis An External analysis deals with the organization competition business plans. External analysis also deals with future labor cost and how laws may change in the future. Managers ensure that to the organizations…...

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...Work Culture Preferences and Competencies The Work Culture Results states that I am a well-resourced supportive expert. Knowing my ideal work culture not only would benefit not only my organization to achieve goals but also will allow me to achieve personal goals as well. Strategic Plans are plans that apply to the entire organization. This type of plan will allow me to develop a workplace that will allow the employees not to be afraid of disciplinary actions and to express themselves freely. The employees would make suggestions that would be considered. The company will focus on achieving goals and each manager/person in charge will specialize in that particular field of study. Possessing the knowledge in a particular area is to have an Operational Plan. There are two competencies essential to conducting a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis; External and Internal analysis. An External analysis deals with what the competitors are doing. What and how the law has changed and what labor cost are and could be in the future; managers should pay close attention to the economics, demographics, and in technology, to name a few. An Internal analysis inspects what the company has and if it will be able to compete with its competition. The Internal analysis looks closely at the resources within the company. A company cannot survive or will never launch if these two factors are not done correctly. The purpose for a (SWOT) analysis is to take a......

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...Work Culture Preferences MGT/521 Week Two Work Culture Preferences Determining one’s culture can help one to build its relationship with one’s organization. In this paper one will determine how knowing your ideal work culture can help develop strategic and operational plans to achieve organizational goals. Next one will decide which competencies are essential to conducting a SWOT analysis. Last one will relate the essential competencies to one’s own competencies for conducting a SWOT analysis. Knowing the culture of one’s organization will allow the company to grow. A “strategic plan is a plan that applies to the entire organization and establish the organizations goals” (Coulter & Robbins, 2012). When knowing the culture this will also enable one to create a ideal work environment for the employees and one’s self. There can be different types of culture within an organization. This is where an operational plan in which is a plan that encompass a particular operational area of an organization can help a company reach its overall goals (Coulter & Robbins, 2012). Strategic management is something managers do to develop the organizations strategies (Coulter & Robbins, 2012). This business model helps a company decide on if it will be able to persuade customers to buy their brand or if the organization can make money in doing so. Identifying an organization’s mission will also help the organization to highlight the direction of the organization and what......

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...Work Culture Preference Maria Hernandez MGT/521 February 27, 2013 Dr. Vela Work Culture Preference The following describes ideal work culture and how it is essential for developing strategic and operational plans to achieve organizational goals. “Each of us has a unique personality – traits and characteristics that influence the way we act and interact with others” (Robbins & Coulter, 2012, p. 51). These personal traits and characteristics when matched up with the values and competencies of the work environment make easier to achieve company goals. One can find the ideal work culture based on one’s values by completing an evaluation, such as the Career Plan Building Activity: Work Culture Preference. Ideal Work Culture For instance an ideal work culture may include high powered, expert, and ethical environments. High-powered organizations have demanding jobs, career development, and the chance to try different jobs or work in different places. One with these preferences would need to find a culture that not only promotes the above but also one that motivates the employee to obtain career advancement. When an employee does not have opportunities for advancement his or her motivation will decline. In an expert culture this includes varied and groundbreaking work, high emphasis on specialist expertise, people encouraged to express opinions, innovative, creative atmosphere, control work schedule and organization, and a dynamic and changing......

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...Work Culture After completing the work culture assignment I found that I am in need of high powered, competitive and well-resourced work environment. A high powered work environment will allow me for advancement and a fast paced demanding job. The competitive aspect will bring challenging opportunity to compete for success as well as having challenging targets. Lastly a well-resourced work environment will give me a safe and well designed work place. Knowing my ideal work culture will help determining appropriate channels for communication because I am able to see what situations and culture is needed to get the best out of myself. With the results from the work culture assignment I realize that in order to succeed in a high powered, competitive and well-resourced work environment I must be able to communicate successfully as a sender as much as a receiver. Verbal and written communication will have to be a strong point. My results have showed me that my communication is what will take me to the next level with my career. I have already seen these successes over the past couple months at work relating to my communication. I have used my personal communication skill and have used them to be successful as a sender and receiver in verbal and nonverbal situations at work. These actions have shown the right people the success of my communication skill have hopefully will bring me success in the near future. There are a couple steps I want to take in order to improve the...

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...Career Plan Building Activity: Work Culture Preferences My results from the career plan building activity on work cultures states that my business should be well resourced, ethical, and teamwork centered. The results from the activity will help me in developing goals in order for my company to run effectively. I intend for my company to be safe, comfortable, and very friendly. In order for a company to run successfully, the manager and employees have to set goals that they agree on. To achieve the goals I want for my company, I will have to make sure that my place is safe for my employees and my clients. My employees and I will work closely in order to always stay on the same page about business and also so I can gather their input on different things that can help the company improve. When conducting a SWOT analysis on a business, you have to be careful not to mistakes the strengths with weaknesses and the opportunities with threats. The activity states my strengths as following instructions, adhering to values, taking initiative, organizing, innovating, and adapting to change. My threats may come in as not finding a good location, uncooperative employees, and clients who do not feel they receive good results. Opportunities can be getting the help I need from local agencies like the police and supportive colleagues. Threats can be other organization like mine feeling threaten by my accomplishments and making it bad for my company, and potential clients finding the......

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...Work Culture Preferences Townes, Christopher Gen/200 July 10, 2013 Dr. Johnella Bradford Work Culture Preferences My Career Plan: Work Culture Preference states that I am an ethical well-resourced expert. Based on over one-hundred questions given that narrow down what I would like in an ideal job setting, I had only the choices of not at all or more likely. Knowing my ideal work culture not only would allow me to benefit my organization to achieve goals but will also allow me to achieve personal goals as well. I’m excited to find the work culture preference results returned that being ethical was the first of the three qualities it defined me as. Emphasis on fairness and equal rights has always been important to me, I believe that my timed served in the Navy is a reinforcing factor in that you should not segregate by gender, ethnicity or cultures. There should be no one person that is looked at as inferior or not qualified to complete any task assigned. I would look for the people who would not be afraid to express themselves freely and contribute their thoughts and ideas to better the organization. The next quality work culture preference defined in my results was that I was well resourced. Providing a safe and comfortable work environment with all the necessary resources to do high standard work is paramount, ensuring that encourages employees to want to work and perform at their highest level. A safe environment results towards limitless performance, innovation......

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...Work Culture and SWOT Analysis Work culture is the type of environment people work in, the way they interact with one another, the way they go about their work and practices undertaken in this environment. Some working culture is apparent at first glance while others are more subtle and slow to reveal. This paper will discuss how knowing your ideal work culture can help you in developing strategies and operational plans to achieve organizational goals, which competencies are essential in conducting a SWOT analysis, and how my competencies relate to the essential competencies for conducting a SWOT analysis. Ideal Work Culture in Developing Strategies Knowing my ideal work culture benefits my organization to achieve goals and allows me to achieve personal goals as well. According to University of Phoenix, my work culture results showed me to be leadership intensive, supportive, and well-resourced. I supervise my staff and influence my organization by being supportive and clearly defining jobs, goals and expectations. I am well-resourced, comfortable, and have a well-designed work place to complete high standards of work. As manager, I can determine the way that things are done in my organization and how to lead my employees to develop and achieve those goals because I am aware of the shared values, principles, traditions, and operations that take place in my organization. Once I determine which goals need to be achieved, I can develop a plan to achieve those goals......

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...Work Culture Preferences Work Culture Preferences It was determined after completing the work culture preferences activity, that I prefer a career in which I can be an expert in my field, I prefer an environment in which I am not only supportive of the company and those I work with, but they are equally supportive of me. I also prefer a well resourced environment. A environment that is safe to work at, but is also comfortable and has all of the necessary resources to do high quality work. When reflecting on these work culture preferences, I can’t help but think, “Film making is absolutely where I belong!”. As a script writer and an independent film maker, I can honestly say I would do this for the rest of my life if only I could get paid doing it. My goal is to get one of my scripts picked up by a major studio so that I can get my foot in the door and move up into writing for television shows and feature films, with an ultimate goal of directing and producing. When I have my own studio, knowing my preferences will help me achieve my goal of directing because I will be able to easily communicate what I want to accomplish to my colleagues. As an expert, I will be looking to use innovative technologies and will be attracted to working with other creative individuals. As a director, I will set my own schedules and communicate with colleagues to determine a healthy schedule for the team. The studio will be safe and well designed with the latest equipment. My......

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...Career Plan Building Activity: Work Culture DaShawn Butler MGT/527 Consulting Instructor: Graciano Etrata The right business culture doesn’t require a cult atmosphere, but it does require a disdain for concepts like conventional wisdom and the existing condition. It does have to be built around ideals, employee permission to be creative, and something other than just making profit. After viewing my work culture skill plan I am driven by high powered. At first I wasn’t to sure if why this was my number one choice but after taking a closed look and reviewing the skills, I know have a clear understanding why. I enjoy learning new skills, career development and advancement, and high salaries. Also something that I though was going to be my number one skill is teamwork. I believe that in order to have a good work environment, the team has to work together, supportive, open communication, cooperative and sharing atmosphere, and positive feedback. By knowing my work culture I am able to select my methods of engaging clients by knowing exactly what to look and be able to make decisions based on the organizations needs. My approach and attitude would be based off knowledge and confidence in knowing that I would be able to help bring success within a company. As an consultant getting thru the discovery phase the competency that would be helpful is teamwork. Working with the client you are there to help encourage new attitudes and beliefs to......

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...Work Culture Preferences Jason Higgins BCOM/275 Sunday, May 12, 2013 Brian J. Kane Work Culture Preferences Part of my studies has led me to complete a work center culture preference survey. It has shown me that I am well suited for my job and why I am successful at it. My work culture preferences are teamwork centered, performance focused, and expert driven. Knowing these work culture preferences determine appropriate channels for communication because these help us realize what we need to focus more on when communicating with others because it shows us what we are good at. I feel like I really use these work culture preferences each and every day and I feel that they are getting stronger. Also, knowing these, assists me in developing my weak areas when communicating. I am able to communicate personably but I have high expectations. I am creative and like to express my comments and thoughts, sometimes a little too passionately. I like to control things and I like to have control or taking control of situations. I also like to organize things and the personnel to get them accomplished. The steps I plan on implementing to improve my messages is to actively listen to others feedback with thoughtful response. I will also carefully consider changing my outlook on things. Conclusion This exercise has helped me to learn about myself and how I may improve upon a varying......

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...Lanel Wolf March 25th, 2014 Mrs. Carr BCOM 275 Work Culture Preference It’s all about being around different work situations that help you determine which work cultures you do best in and which ones may not work as well. It is obviously good to be in a safe place to work and be comfortable but it is also good to be helpful in all the ways in which your business expects. I also learned that it is good to put more emphasis on subjects that matter in any career and with more engagement these will encourage you to do much better and be more creative and dynamic in different work conditions. I think this also helps me tremendously organize my communication strategies and how I influence a group of people or team type atmosphere. I really like to make others see that their job choice is the right one and that if you work together you can all be leaders in your own ways and have the jobs that you want in any type of condition you choose to put yourself in. I like to think of every job I get as an opportunity to do something important for people and have the opportunities to show that I can be a very important and strong influence on my fellow workers and team mates. Another reason I felt that this was so important is because it shows you what you have to be to succeed at other jobs and what it takes to keep your organization at a professional level and so really you never slack at what you do. Very important to take this work culture preference resource because I have a......

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...Work Culture Preferences Marcia P. Smith BCOM/275 June 24, 2014 Jacqueline Gray-Crawford Work Culture Preferences My results of the Career Activity’s Work Culture Preferences survey showed that I prefer high powered, demanding jobs that are well-resourced and have a professionally ethical environment. These results tell me a lot about how I should communicate and what channels I should use to achieve effective communication. Presently I prefer to communicate via meetings and telephone conversations, but my survey results reveal that I will need to transition to faster more effective ways if I want to operate at the highest level of efficiency. In high-powered work situations, time restraints are real and the way in which we communicate in these situations are very different from the way we communicate when time is not “of the essence”. Knowing that my work culture preference is a time-restraining, fast career advancement environment will now force me to rely on the fastest channels available to relay my messages. Communicating using channels like cellular phones, emails, teleconferencing and texting will prove most effective for me in my ideal work environment. To successfully work within my time limits, I will not be able to attend or schedule many face-to-face meetings, do much travelling for conferences or meetings nor use paper based correspondences as these channels require more time. My results disclose something else about my messages – the quality of them......

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...GEN 200 August 24, 2014 Competencies and Work Culture Today’s job market is changing and growing daily. Many companies look at a person, speak with them or review their resume to ensure that the person has the competencies required for their work culture. After completing the two required assignments for figuring out what my own personal competencies are and what my work culture preferences is, I conformed a list of jobs that I feel fall into the areas that match with my results. My top four competencies were listed as organizing, delivering results, adhering to values and cooperating. One point behind all of those fell, taking initiative and strategizing. Some of my job selections I feel cross over into many different competencies, that one specific job does not carry just one competency. I believe that my organizing competency would best serve me in jobs that deal with Event Planning, Teacher, Administrative Service Manager and Public Relations. Delivering results jobs would be Civil Service, Social Worker, Housekeeper, Chef and Personal Trainer. Jobs that would require adhering to values I believe would be a Military Service Member, Teacher, Doctor/Nurse, Counselor, Minister, Hospital Administration, and Police Officer. The cooperating competency would be for jobs like Event Planners, Police Officers, Military, Personal Trainer, and Teacher. Taking initiative competency would be great for jobs in the Military, Teaching or Realtor fields. Finally, when looking......

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