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Substantive Rules
Rules of truth-telling, confidentiality, privacy, and various rules about forgoing treatment, physician-assisted suicide, informed consent, and the rationing of health care provide more specific guides to action than do abstract principles. Consider a simple example of a rule that sharpens the requirements of the principle of respect for autonomy for certain contexts: “Follow a patient’s advance directive whenever it is clear and relevant. “To indicate how this rule specifies the principles of respect for autonomy, we may state it more fully as: “Respect the autonomy of patients by following all clear and relevant formulations in their advance directives. “This formulation show how the initial norm remains but becomes specified.

Example situation, * In clinical situations nurses respect a patient’s autonomy, where the patient is allowed the freedom of choice regarding treatment, such as in deciding whether he/she wishes to be incubated during an exacerbation of COPD, or deciding when he/she wishes to forgo further dialysis. If a patient lacks capacity for such a decision and has an advance directive, the person who has the durable power of attorney can make the decision.

Authority Rules
That is, rules regarding who may and should perform actions. For example, rules of surrogate authority determine who should serve as surrogate agents in making decisions for incompetent persons, and rules of profesional authority determine who, if anyone, should make decision to override or to accept a patient’s decisions if those decisions are medically damaging and poorly considered. Another example appears in rules of distributional authority that determine who should make decisions about allocating scarce medical resources.
Authority rules do not delineate substantive or criteria for…...

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